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  1. I'm in. I just have to find my life jacket and someone who will donate some flies to me because I dont have any.
  2. Program thats shareware thats similar to photoshop that I can download?
  3. I'll be there. Except i'll be the guy with the night vision goggles and the pellet/dart gun with a scope, hiding in the bushes.
  4. Sorry I didnt catch u Lance i was down in an unknown bull trout location.
  5. Use a dremel motor and spin them sum bitches at 13000 RPM. They'll dry real fast.
  6. If it wasn't for this damn job i'd be fishing the Bow every day.
  7. The rod tip broke because of a bad false cast and the split shot hit the rod. Then when I caught that whitefish it snapped. The waders i'll just have to throw out, the ratio of aqua seal vs. orvis waders is approaching the 50% mark so i think its time.
  8. Bowhunter, The bow completely sucked on saturday. I had one fish and it was a whitey. Broke my sage and my waders leak on both legs now. It'll be a while before I fish again.
  9. I use wapisi's wax in a stick. Like the others said only for PITA dubbing that will not stick to waxed thread. For the most part i use a dubbing spinner which is quite handy.
  10. OMG is that funny. Bob you have out done yourself once again.
  11. I figure you can be quite creative with photo shop so caption this one. 31" Sucker, Great hookset in the head.
  12. Basically i've outgrown plano tackle box because of too much crap. I want a bigger box.
  13. I need to get a carrying case to fit all my fly tying crap in. Does anyone have a lead for me on fly tying furniture and cases? It'll have to be a decent size as well. Prefer to buy in Canada.
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