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  1. Sorry for this late reply...It's probably too late for morph1 to see before his trip.. But... here is the link to the Parks fishing regs(synopsis)Park fishing synopsis @ Dave; Yes I see that they have also closed Jacques year round now....it was an undiscovered little gem...it has been about a dozen years since I fished it last. As for the fishing closure of Maligne river till August 1 due to protection of the wood ducks...I know that was the "official" reason....but, did they also ban the whitewater rafters on that reach of river during that time? The mountain parks as a fishing destinati
  2. @Morph1; I don't know where you heard about the stocking....to my knowledge, stocking in the parks was discontinued several years ago. It is part of the "plan" by one Ms Copps to let the fisheries in the Parks return to their "natural" status. In other words, no stocking of RB's or Brookies because they are NOT native. But, don't get me going on this one...as I suspect the real reason is just to reduce costs! There has been very little stocking of "non native" species ever since the Jasper hatchery shut down many many years ago...and, I think it's been at least 7 or 8 years since any no
  3. @morph1; As for license costs...go to Parks Canada website for the latest cost for this year. As for fish in Maligne...big rainbows and big brookies Although the lake may open up May 19th...I don't think the ice will be off yet. Also note electric motors only...Take more than one battery...the lake is 15+ miles long and the wind can be brutal and dangerous. Also take note of some restrictions around the outlet(maligne river)
  4. @Morph1...yes, you are correct! In many places in Europe you do infact need to take and pass a test to show competency! Also, in most European countries you must PAY to fish a stretch of river or a lake!!! Not like here where you can drive to a bridge, park, gear up and start fishing.....In Germany for example, you need a license, then need to contact the local club that is responsible for the particular stretch of river that you wish to fish....if you are LUCKY, they will allow you to fish once you pay them for the right to do so. Many reaches of water are ONLY there for club members to fi
  5. @Doc....you should never assume...LOL I think Don is still out at Whiteswan. Although I don't disagree with you that seniors/littluns' should be required to be licensed...I do think everyone is making more out of the importance of this user segment than we need to. Yes, if you look at the demographics...you are correct the average age of a LICENSED angler is increasing. But the fact remains....we have added 1 million people to this province since 1985...and in that same time frame we have lost 130,000 yearly licensees. Surely you don't expect me to believe that ALL those 1 million tha
  6. @Scratch and snowolf....you guys really should attend the round table sessions. You will get a good view of thoughts by the individuals that represent these groups. As for the subject in question....speak with Brian or Emmerson...they were both there when this matter was discussed. @Pauline; The numbers I quoted are for LICENSED anglers. Yes, there is no way to tell how many seniors, children, criminals (un-licensed anglers) or pelicans are fishing. Those "unkowns" were also fishing in the mid 80's as they are today. Regardless, my point was to illustrate that the user base is decli
  7. Ok...first a few points of clarification; 1)Total # of licensed anglers in Alberta has declined from a peak of just over 340,000 in the mid 80's to 212,000 in 2005. Another point to note here is that in that same time frame the population of Alberta increased by 1 Million people ( almost a 50% increase). In 1985, 14.3% of the population had a license....today that number is 6%. 2)As for increased enforcement...we have been fighting to get additional funds put towards this for years. If I recall, there are some monies allocated in that area this year. 3)Morph...if you see infractio
  8. King Salmon pretty well nailed it in his description... I used to fish it regularly years ago....decent fish but just not many of them. Then for some reason it just seemed to slow down to nothing...so I haven't bothered to go out there much anymore. I did stop there late this summer...didn't bother fishing...really bad algae bloom...and the interesting part is that even the baitfishers have stopped going there ...so, that tells you something. Judging by the height of the weeds on the berm, not many folks at all have been going there. One other thing...in addition to the sticklebacks...this
  9. Although I see that a representative from F&W attended the first meeting in GP, I hope that NNFC understand that they must abide by the new "tournament" fishing guidelines as spelled out by SRD. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how they will be able to "work" within the "limit" guidelines.....It was my understanding that in the walleye tourneys this year even though a fish was "caught and released"...it was deemed to be "in possesion" by SRD. In other words if the lake limit is 2 (as an example)....the competitors will only be able to weigh/measure 2 fish in total per day....ev
  10. Hope you do better than we did yesterday....The two of us spent the morning upstream of the Highwood mouth....nothing. Spoke to 3 others there...no luck either. About 2 foot vis....expect it to be murky d/s of the Highwood as it's puking solid mud into the Bow. Spent the afternoon at Policemans...nothing. Did see 3 risers though. Only about 1 foot visibility. The only other guy fishing there had no luck either. Funny thing...didn't see anyone drifting all day...that says it right there. Hope you do better.....
  11. Interesting....Have heard the same story about the highway and railway in Jasper National park as it affects stream crossings. They know there is an impediment to fish passage, but they say it's too expensive to do anything about it. Pretty hypocritical to say the least...Parks want to revert back to the original fishery from stocking, yet they won't do anything to restore it's own damage to the original fishery!!!! About the Swan Hills...Don, are any of these crossings new?....I am sure new roads/culverts need to meet DFO/Environment criteria..... BTW the Swan Hills area is so bad, I can
  12. Yes, I cancelled my annual fall Crowsnest trip after the snow they had.... Let us know how you do on the Red Deer....BTW I had good success with the goldeye on the BH flashback nymph that I had tied on in an attempt for some rockies/browns...
  13. Was there late last week....water was high and visibility at the dam was about a foot. Fishing for browns and whitefish (rockies and lake) was POOR....lots of goldeye are now up around the dam though believe it or not! Since then, they have opened up the spillway once again for a few days, although I see they have closed it again today. In general fishing on the Red this year has been spotty to poor for browns and whites. High/extreme flows have changed things considerably...for example if you haven't been at the gravel pit yet this year, you will not recognize it! As a result the old rel
  14. "Have the Bulls started to run yet?" FYI....Pamplona's running of the bulls took place July 6th to July 14th.... Seriously...to answer your question, Yes, fishing is OK...not stellar. Fish still on the small side....no bulls to be seen. Cheers.
  15. There are probably about a dozen Swan Lakes in Alta. You would have better luck if you were more specific.
  16. It's open, it's fishable...but I suggest you pick up a copy of the regs before you head out anywhere.
  17. Bang On Don, thank you. Add to that the deforestation by lumber co's and oil patch leases and roads...it increases stream temps...and that's something grayling don't like. And, Don the same thing has happened on Prairie with respect to the Brookie distribution....gottta go higher and higher up to find them now as opposed to 20 years ago....water is just getting too warm. Just take a look at what Sunpine is doing in upper Prairie...so, what do you think that will do? Doing the same in the Ram drainage as well. Back to Grayling...the next big area to be logged out will be in the LSR drain
  18. Heard through the grapevine that TU has received some flood funding. Can anyone here confirm this?....if so, how much?.... and how will it be spent?
  19. @Dave: All very good and valid points! There are a myriad of complex factors that affect fish populations...and there is No universal answer as each fishery is unique. It is those factors that we perhaps don't fully understand (and can't quite quantify), that may impact the fishery the greatest. Case in point....the decline of the grayling habitat in Alberta....it is most likely due to lower stream flows creating higher water temps. In essence pushing a species out of its preferred temperature habitat. What caused the lower stream flows?....many factors (some controllable, some not)....b
  20. @gravityorange: Please read one of my previous posts in this thread. Depending on your angling method, of the "hundreds of fish" you have released this year the mortality rate could be a high as 30%. So for example, if we use a # of 300 fish that you caught and released on a fly (conservative 5% mortality)....it is possible that you killed about 15 fish. It is NOT the number of fish you keep and take home...it is the number you KILL. Please don't be smug enough to think the only one you killed is that one you took home from Beaumont. Also, your last two posts are at best, mildly contrad
  21. Dave; I agree that my numbers make the ratio of fisherman to lakes even worse but if we're going to throw out numbers like that, let's use facts....that is why I corrected you. I also fully agree with your comment "there's still too little water for the number of fishermen to support large catch rates for each. So the priniciple of "limit your catch rather than catch your limit" should still be a responsible angler's approach."...and with this comment I think you have hit the nail on the head with respect to fisheries management in Alberta....It is apparent that the limits are still too
  22. @albertabowhunter...regarding your comment on walleye. Yes, they are huge in some of the lakes...but....the thing that most folks don't understand is that the full range of age classes is not yet present in these lakes. The big fish are just now starting to reproduce and we are seeing a lot of large fish (the stockers) and some of the little guys (spawn of stockers). What is missing is the "teenagers" if you will. It will take some more time to achieve the full range of year classes. Don't be fooled by a presence of "large" fish....it does NOT necessarily indicate a healthy fishery.
  23. This thread has sure gone sideways.... Ok Dave, I do need to respond to a few comments in your last post; "With 350,000 licenced fishermen in Alberta and about 4000 lakes" In fact, the statistics show that license sales have declined since peaking in the mid 1980's with only approx. 213,000 sold in 2004. As for # of lakes...the number of sport fish bearing lakes in Alberta is in the order of 1000. "I too kill a fish from time to time, but always with the future of the fishery in mind." We can get into the argument about numbers, but I think we can agree that fish mortality due to cat
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