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  1. Sorry....but this is just getting too crazy. If the fishery is as threatened as they state...a better solution would be a TOTAL closure.....esp during low flow/high temps If they can do it on the Pembina...they can do it on the Bow....do you think AE has the nads to do that?...doubt it... Can you imagine the enforcement nightmare? Can you imagine compressing all those floats into the morning hours? Again, sorry.....but closures for a few hours...or for those wearing blue socks on Tuesdays doesn't sound like management. It sounds more like an attempt to give public perception that they are doing something when in fact they don't have the fortitude to do what really needs to be done.
  2. Webinar posted here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxu-3AAIZjA
  3. I don't zoom...never will. I am however interested in this topic....will it get posted on youtube?
  4. I am interested...but AEP makes it difficult....WHY do I have to register for a webinar? For EACH webinar? Why do I have to register for each of their surveys? So....if a person does not want to register...then I assume the background information will NOT be made available to the public??? Their quote "In January 2020, we collected feedback on Alberta fisheries management to help improve recreational fishing opportunities across the province. That feedback contributed to the 2020 Alberta Sportfishing Regulations, which came into effect on April 1, 2020. Somehow...I don't believe that. Typically, it would have already been gazetted by then. Sadly, I have to admit that I did NOT participate in any of their surveys in the past where registration was required.
  5. I do agree with you to some degree....but...as a fly fisher of over 40 years...don't over complicate things. Often...the "features" are nothing but marketing hype to get $ out of your pocket and into someone else's.
  6. flycaster


    Yes. water is quite low and the fishing has been slow. Was the bear at the km 65 bridge or trunk road bridge?...any problems with him?
  7. flycaster


    Was down there on Monday. Surprisingly few people...only two campers at that location. Water is low and clear...cool (53F) Fish were down deep, very few risers. North fork road from Rocky was good...trunk road back to Nordegg was a washboard nightmare. How did you make out down there last week?
  8. Did Stauffer yesterday...water clear but higher than normal. Fishing was EXTREMELY slow...water temp was 47F at noon. Very cold for this time of year due to the higher than normal flows. Not a riser to be seen... Checked the Raven...water was off color...didn't fish Clearwater....clearing nicely, fishable but still a little high for my liking Did not check Prairie, but looking at the flows, it will be higher than normal Expect it to be total nut house out west this weekend...there was a mile long back up of trailers heading west at the 4 way stop in Caroline at 4pm yesterday.
  9. Peter; New signs look great! Any idea when the signs will be ready? Also will there be a ceremony for the new sign installations?
  10. Regarding the MacKenzie creek video....Why are we still allowing OHV crossing of streams???? I thought that was illegal....
  11. Thx for the additional background info Peter. Yes, I understood that your text was verbatim from AEP....my bolding was to criticize their wording not yours...hope you did not take offense. If so, it was not directed at you. Sadly most of our efforts over the years seem to have fallen into an AEP "black hole". It is difficult for me to remain hopeful that things will change given what you and I have seen since the start of the roundtable meetings so many years ago... My fear is that the said "open houses" are just another item to check off their "consultation" list.
  12. Peter; "The Alberta government would like your perspectives about fisheries and their management" As you and I know...the fisheries roundtable management meetings have NOT been held for over 2 years...now they want comments? I had contacted them about a year and a half ago...said they were considering have informal evening meetings. I said...count me in. NEVER heard back from them. "Feedback from Albertans will be reflected in the 2020 Alberta Sportfishing Regulations, which come into effect on April 1st" Doubtful...the meetings carry to the end of January...regs need to be compiled and gazetted by then... "The closest to Edmonton" ????...they can't even put Edmonton on the list???? I will attend, as I have for the majority of the roundtable meetings....but I keep asking myself...WHY? As a side note and not to derail this thread...but we are going into year 5 of the Pembina w/s closure? Has there been any status update? I believe Paulette Penton who was looking after this is long gone....
  13. We are on a slippery slope.... Although I do not disagree with the SARA amendments, we must be cautious in the response. Angling, catch and release, does in fact constitute "harm and harass"....Are we not hypocritical? Do I want full scale closures?....no...but I am playing devil's advocate... I would also submit that logging and resultant increased water temps from that logging has resulted in a significant decline in cold water species numbers ( among other factors). Does logging and its resultant effects not constitute damage to the residence of that species? It just seems that COSEWIC has no difficulty putting species on the SARA list...but doesn't really offer any productive solutions. Once a new species is put on the list...groups seek exemptions to sections 32 and 33....just sayin'... The definition above of special concern is given as“a wildlife species that may become a threatened or an endangered species because of a combination of biological characteristics and identified threats.” If the threat has been identified...shut it down....That seems to be a road that DFO doesn't have the courage to go down....
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