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  1. Well I took Neil " RVing and Fly Fishing " up at Swan Lake . We had a great time , I got the Boat Rigged up then I got Neil rigged up and in the Boat . I tied on his favored Fly " The Idaho Nymph " and not even a 15 minutes later Bang ?? Neil hooks in to a 6 lbs + Rainbow which took all the line and most of the backing . What a awesome fight , well we both did well the first day out . The Picture of Neil holding the Big one didn't take but I got him Fighting the fish , he's 86 yr's old I think the picture says it all . Great RVing & Bear Warning , Neil sleeped hard in the silence of the wood's , FlyRod .
  2. Great to hear Neil , I'll keep in touch FlyRod .
  3. Amazing Video Ken , your effort's will pay off Thank's for Sharing , FlyRod .
  4. Awesome Ken ! Thanks for sharing great Video , FlyRod .
  5. As Usual Ken , You are a very dedcatied in bring this info to us the " Member 's . Thanks , FlyRod .
  6. As you Know I have always kept in touch with Neal , when I called him . Connie Inform me that he was in the Hospital , he had a bad fall . I have been talking to him by Ph , " No Visitor's " He is always in good spirit . So we talk about FlyFishing of course , alway's a Friend In my world get well soon , FlyRod .
  7. Thanks Peter and Skylar , I had a an old Friend dig one up . Cheer's FlyRod .
  8. Looking to buy , " Alberta Trout Highway " By Barry Mitchel HardCover or Paperback . Thanks FlyRod .
  9. That book is Awesome , Thanks Ken for Posting , FlyRod .
  10. Well I should of bought 4 yr's a go in BC , but I didn't . then it took off so fast so renting and housing going through the roof we just couldn't afford the rent increases and BC 15% sales tax . Over all I have met great friends on the Island and will go to visit anytime , FlyRod .
  11. Going up to Dolberg Lake Tomorrow morning I got room for one more person on my boat anyone Interested can Call me FlyRod 1 250 713 2823 .
  12. Well Hello Friends & Flyfishers , The Wife & I decided to move back to Alberta . We now reside in Devon , Alta . for now still looking to buy a home next spring . I'm heading up to " Dolberg Lake " Tomorrow morning if anyone would like to hook up let me know nice to back in the Prairies , Cheer's FlyRod .
  13. My Deepest with regards to Bill , FlyRod .
  14. Hi Everyone , Well I had to get out and Fish today . So I headed over to " Englishman River " in Parksville BC . History has it that this was once the best River to Fish on " Vancouver Island " for " Steelhead " their still in there but not as many as there once was go figure . I think good conservation is helping bring them back and good Reg's . I hooked one today and lost Him . Hope your all well , FlyRod .
  15. Merry Christmas , To Everyone and wishing you " Tight Line's . Cheer's FlyRod .
  16. I know now as ' I was to busy catching up and taken " Picture's " LOL .
  17. Yes I was out with Gary & Ben , Fishing For Steelhead on the River . What a blast , Gary 2 , Ben 2 , Rod lost 2 ? I know it suck's but that's why they call it fishing , What a awesome time , FlyRod .
  18. Thanks Vince , Yes there lot's of " Great River " fishing out here . But it's all about timing ,So we just received our first real heavy " Rain " since the summer . This will bring " Coho " & " Steelhead " to move in . Garry Fisher & I have been doing some Beach fishing for " Coho " what a blast ! Way different then single handed FlyFishing the " Switch Rod " it's awesome . Way more Torque with the Scanadi Line by " Snow Bee " , But the Cast is everything with this type of Line . Still learning , So I'm going to a " Work Shop at the " Englishman River " With " Nile Creek Fly Shop " I'm happy to say I'm getting a lot of great Knowledge from this " Shop " as I both my " Beaulah 7/8 wt . SwitchRod " from "Courtney " just punch in the Shop Name and it will come up . Courtney is a good Friend and He introduced " Scandiavian Switch Rod's to " Vancouver Island " and It has taken off , I met some great " West Coast Fisher's " out here with a lot of " Salmon " experience , So as " Your West Coast Reported , I'll be Reporting a lot of great fishing stop's and Beach's , Motel Rate's , RV Spot's Etc . So Stay Tune , FlyRod .
  19. Thanks Gary , Lot's of " Heavy Rain " right now so the River's are High . I hope to go "Steelhead " Fishing with Garry Fisher , but it's all about timing . Cheer's , FlyRod .
  20. Hi Everyone , Well I'd like to say that I miss a lot of My Friend's at " NLFT " Yes You to Vince , I joined a club in " Parksville BC " called " The Castaways Club " But there not like " NLFT " at all , I'm Back . I'll have to tell you too hang on to what you have at " NLFT " It's a " learning Club " this is very rare in deed . For $40.00 dollar's at leased you get something back + Friend's . I tried to make understanding of a (1) a month meeting out here and a $50.00 dollar Membership and never tied a Fly go figure . So I joined " PNW FlyFisher's " for free and they have a great Web Site , so much Info . Yes Free , and there Located in" Nanaimo " What a Great Bunch very knowledgeable " Young guy's " and They Tie Fly's ! And Built Fly Rod's . Yup amazing Club , they Fish Everything from , " Steelhead " Rainbow , Coho , Bass and have Fly Swap's and Outing's + Tie Great looking Fly's . So I will be your " West Coast Reporter " I have been learning how to catch the " Steelhead " and " COHO " and " Pink " Salmon and I picked up a switch FlyRod . There Bigger Rod's and a total different way of casting but I'm getting there it's " Practice " great fun . I'm all so Learning to tie the fly's for all the salmon out here , Yup more money . So I'll send some " Recipe " and Picture's to " NLFT " Fly Pattern's to share with you . You can say Hi to me at FlyRod - Email airbow1@shaw.ca or Facebook as FlyRod . So stay Tune ! FlyRod .
  21. Yes I'm getting out some , every time the weather permit's . Here in Nanaimo BC , it's only been very cold a couple of week's at a temperature " - 0 " bur bur , He He . I love it no snow and at Christmas we had just a 1mm but the rain makes up for it . The COHO fishing was done before it got started , I'm trying to get uses to the wet condition so is the " Dog " . There is a couple of Fly Fishing club's out here , which I have joined . So now it's time to get to know the " Island Fisher " If it's +8 degree's out and wind's are down with little rain it's time to go fishing " Stream's for " Steelhead " winter run or lake fishing with the Jon Boat ? My " Switch Rod " is hard to get uses to . So like Dennis I'm tying lot's of Fly's for " Steelhead " & " Still Water's " . I have had the opportunity to go " Steelhead Fishing with " Garry Fisher " which some of you may know . I never hook in to a fish but " Garry " did ! What a great day on a " River " I can't give name to but I will post a couple of "Picture's ". I hope you all a " Happy New Year " and keep tying I'll post some new fly's in " At the Bench " so stay safe , Cheer's FlyRod .
  22. Merry Christmas Everybody ! I caught some nice's Cutty's at " Horne Lake " Hope your all tying fly's this Christmas , FlyRod .
  23. Wow ,Thank You everyone . I just got hooked up to the " Telus " what a time . I just " Rigged - up "for COHO and bought a " New Beulah " 6 - weight " Switch Rod " and Reel , from " Nile Creek Flyshop " Let me say that " Courtney " that owns the shop is awesome and so is his staff just treat you right and know what they are talking about . So after purchasing a new line and some fly's I was going fishing for COHO . My first " River was the " Little Qualicum River " Well when I got to the " River " I noticed a lot of people fishing near the Island Bridge , So I made my way up to the next pool . OK no buddy around good . So I look in to the pool and " Folks you wouldn't believe me but there in the big pool was big " Spring"s and Big COHO " well after getting over the shivers , I casted a # 6 Hook with Dumbbell Eye's and Orange and White polar hair and bang a " Spring " took the line and Zip gone broke off everything except the fly line . still shacking in my boot's , I said to myself I need a bigger Rod . I watch a guy beside me blow his 6 weight " Sage " so I pulled out and headed back to " Nile Creek fly shop " and said to " Courtney" I need a bigger Rod so with out giving me a hard time He loaded me up with a 8 - weight " Beulah " Switch Rod & N/C fly reel and line . Now I'm ready for the " Big One's " He He , I'll be going to " French Creek Bay " Tomorrow , Stay tuned , FlyRod .
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