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  1. Yeah, I heard you guys talking about them rising.....I didn't want to home in on your action.....hahaha. Bead head prince hey....so thats what they're hitting on now?...I was using a red chirnomid similar to a sno-cone. How far do you run your flies back from your indicator?...I think I may of had too much length.
  2. She likes the pickeral rig...its alot less work.
  3. I was user DISGRACE100 and I decided to change my profile to my new band name since my old band broke up. Anyways... I was out fishing at beaumont last night with my girlfriend (one tried to take my indicator and thats it)...no HITS! Around 8 o'clock she hooks the bottom with her pickeral rig and I go over to try and help her get it unstuck without breaking her line. Anyways, I start pulling slowly on the line and very slowly the line starts coming in (I'm thinking she hooked a log or something). Then as I'm pulling I see what looks to be the leg of a chair or bench coming up from the water....I get it to shore and its an Umbrella. Not a little tiny littly umbrella, but one of those full size deals people put on their back patio to block out all the sun. Attached to it was another pickeral rig as well which I kept (and had barbs on the hooks). The umbrella was so gross and slimy that I just left it on the shore (hoping somebody would pick it up once it dries)....Glad to see that it won't be in there blocking the sun for fish anymore.....whats next, a tire??...a boot Anyways....just thought I would share.
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