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  1. about 19-20", and around 3 in the afternoon
  2. Went down to Gap lake on the weekend and the weather was really strange. Went from dead calm to windstorm to raining to calm and back to windstorm again....at one time I couldn't compete with the wind with my fins, and I can kick pretty hard. Caught 2 browns though (my first one ever) both on a bead head hare's ear and both right in the middle of the lake....around 19-20". Man those fish hit hard! I would have liked it if it was calm and sunny all day so I could have hit a few on a dry, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Saw a nice one in the shallows though, but couldn't get near to it.
  3. The guy I talked to at Banff told me to go fish Gap lake while I was staying in banff. I wish I had some time so I could get in and fish some of those remote lakes in K country with a 7km hike leading into them, unfortunately drinking and camping is a priority as well...and I've gotta spend some time hanging with some buds. Why not bother with the K-lakes scratch? I went to Gap lake once last year...didn't see any parking on the east side of the lake though, but I will definately look for it. How late are you talking....like way after dark? Ever had any luck there yourself albertabowhunter? Thanks for all the tips guys! Cheers
  4. Try #2 on the top fly http://www.flyfisherman.com/skills/jb4knots/
  5. Speaking of fishing. I am heading down to Kananaskis country tomorrow, and I'm not quite sure which lake I am going to hit. I found this really cool map on the web http://www.canmorealberta.com/directory/ab...more_map12.html and I am weighing my options. I'd be nice to go to one that I don't really have to hike too far into (hungover) carrying my fishcat and something that hold a few big fish, instead of the little 9-10 inchers. I thought I might give Gap lake a try....any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Speaking of things lost. I lost my "tie-fast" tool with clippers out at beaumont a few weeks ago fishing the SE shore. If someone found it I would really appreciate it back. Thanks
  7. I totally agree with you albertabowhunter.....utterly and completely!
  8. Actually, it sounds like the f*ckin government trying to get more money out of us taxpayers. Scratch, you seem a little upset about your experience....was she at least good looking?
  9. an excellent link on Fly Fish Alberta http://www.bearbiology.com/StayingSafeScript.htm
  10. Its looking to be a bit windy tonight as well, but i'm hoping to make it out..
  11. They are a blast on a dry fly aren't they...
  12. Went out to Beaumont again last night and caught my biggest rainbow to date...a 17 1/2" er on a dry....not that thats any reason to brag, but hey..it aint the bow river. I didn't think the fish got that big in there, but its nice to see that the stocking program is working well and they're not winterkilling. I was just wondering what the biggest bow somebody else has pulled out of there. Cheers
  13. Happy birthday scratch.....ya ole fart! and forgive me for asking....where is Dolberg?
  14. Hey, Also If someone wants to join me in the Banff area next weekend I could more than use the company I'll be fishing Fri & Sat (June 3-4) and probably just be hitting a few lakes with my fishcat. My band is also playing in town on those nights.
  15. of you guys go out to Beaumont this past weekend? Anybody catch anything good, and if so what were ya usin. The last time I tried a bead head prince and a sinking inchworm I got from the States. I caught a bunch but they were all small.
  16. Thanks Kerry.....Hope to see you out there again.
  17. Either that or a swim......hahaha
  18. How do you use the forceps from shore though to check depth?
  19. Thanks Scratch....I'll try that out. Thats kind of what I've been trying out is experimenting with different lengths of leaders and different speeds in retrieving the line.
  20. It is also by chance not only the #1 fly in England, but also the name of my fly rod. Forgive me for being the un-educated fly fisherman, but Star Pac....where is that? 30+...scratch, you da man!
  21. Isn't it always a fluke?...hahaha
  22. I guess nobody wants to share their secrets...
  23. Anybody caught anything at the beaumont pond recently?....if so, what have they been hitting on lately?
  24. How long of a leader should you run if you are tying on (2) chirnomids to the end of your fly line? And how far from the indicator to the first fly? I think I may have been running mine a bit too long past the indicator. Also, If you have a good illustration/ video of a loop knot to use on the top fly (to give it a little more action) that would be cool as well (I've just been using a clinch) Thanks
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