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  1. Geez....lets keep the fighting to a minimum. We're all grown men, lets act like it. My philosophy is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and every opinion should be respected. My favorite line is "Enemies can be enemies...but even enemies can show respect" Oh, and ABH maybe you could PM me with some good lakes to try near Edmonton so I have some options. I don't care if I keep any or not, mostly I just go for the fun of it. Thanks
  2. I definately can see your point ABH, this is a job that should be left up to the F&W officer. And you're right...its all on how you approach them...and some people mistake no bait to mean "No live Bait", I've seen it happen before. Just to avoid confusion and future conflict....maybe there should be a sign that says "flyfishing only!" or "If you ain't using a fly then you gonna die!"
  3. Not surprising considering the size, and with the weather looking like the way its going to be...it can only get worse. Maybe I should just say screw it and go somewhere else.
  4. Whats the matter Dave...you guys don't like to use bellyboats? Less weeds that way
  5. Its too bad they had a kid with them though...poor little guy. Teaching a child the regulations as well as the law is vital in helping them become a true fisherman.
  6. I know, cuz I bought a bunch of them....Might even troll some of them for Chinooks
  7. I'll probably head out on Sunday....you guys gonna be there?
  8. Range road 275 looks like it runs straight north from the Yellowhead right to the Lake on that map....am I wrong?
  9. Not sure if any of you guys go flyfishing or even trolling for salmon , but there is a gentleman up here in Edmonton who ties some wicked patterns for the salmon runs on the west coast. I just bought a bunch of patterns from him and I am quite pleased .....check it out http://www.adiposflytying.com/index.html and http://www.canadiantubeflies.com/ Those salmon are going to take a beating at the end of August
  10. Not sure I've got those directions exactly...do you know what the first bypass north coming off the yellowhead is called? Any Range Road #'s for the back roads I'd have to take as well? Is anybody from here heading out there soon, possible this weekend?
  11. Anyone have good directions from Edmonton to muir lake? I've only fished the lake once before and I think that was almost 2 years ago. Also, how has the fishing been there lately and are you taking alot of them on the dry? Maybe I can bring my pickeral rig and powerbait....bahahahaha
  12. Ya, I can see it now......"fishing with a pickeral rig with no bait on it"....boy, Imagine all the fish we will catch....hahaha
  13. I guess they had way too much time on their hands.
  14. I don't think there is one given set rule....and I do think the moon has alot to do with it.
  15. That kind of painting can be done overnight....hahaha
  16. I'm hitting the nile river at the end of August for pink salmon
  17. And what number pray tell would that be?
  18. I was actually sober when I drank the scotch.... Maybe you can give me your beer brewing machine?
  19. Geez Dave, you really know your whiskey's....you must drink alot of it, that or have way too much time on your hands. lol
  20. Okay....my bad, Rye then. Scotch is pure evil, at least the first (and last) shot of the stuff that made me vomit was.
  21. There is no such thing as good scotch....all of them make me vomit. Now good Whiskey, thats another story
  22. I totally would if I wasn't going fishing with my dad for Fathers day on Saturday. How far a drive is it from edmonton?
  23. I believe that people should wear helmets...I would. But on the other hand freedom of choice is a b*tch, and if they don't want to wear one then its ultimately their choice....or hospital bed
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