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  1. My plan is basically to buy everything all at one time, once I get some training and more knowledge about exactly what stuff I want to buy.
  2. That is really what I am looking for...1 on 1 instructions. I'd like to be given explanations about the tools and then shown how to do some basic patterns. Also some advice about what kind of tools I should buy would be nice....I've already had a few discussions and it sounds like the Griffin or the Regal vises are the way to go. Dave, are you gonna be there to help me along? Anything I need to bring?
  3. Wish I could say the same thing ABH.....Only went out once this year. Got 1 walleye, 2 pike, 1 burbot and 12 perch...all before 2 PM.
  4. I hear the last sentence man....there's nothing more zen that being on a lake or river in the middle of the mountains with no one around for miles.
  5. I'm pretty much going to do everything you suggested sno. Now I just need some good brand name vices, scissors, boobins and all other tools I'll need to start out. As far as materials go, your right....I'm only gonna start with 2 or 3 patterns that I use the most and only get stuff for those...I figure the first 20 or so I tie are going to be garbage anyways. And I do plan on attending next wednesdays meeting, hopefully it all won't be over my head. Maybe I should just come to one of your guys place and you could walk me through a simple fly tye.
  6. Thanks guys....Damn thats alot of information, but its all good stuff!!. Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have my own kit and start working on these patterns...maybe even attend a meeting or meet up with a few of you. Thanks for all the good info...stellar!
  7. My tying level on a scale of 1-10 is a 0. Never tied before. My most common used patterns would be prince nymph, BWO, Green Drake, parachute, San juan and probably hare's tail. Thats what I used mostly this year anyways. Those as well as some monster buggers and green minnow types for Pike and walleye. I want to get good tools, start out slow with a couple of those patterns and learn as much as I can from as many of you guys as I can.
  8. Geez there is lots to choose from....my head is swimming with all the ideas. This is definately something I can really see myself getting into but I'm gonna need help along the way.
  9. Oh, and I don't want garbage stuff....I want something that is going to last me for many years
  10. Can someone give me some good Ideas for a beginners fly tying kit and what kind of stuff specifically I should get? Cost/ materials and all that jazz. I've never tied before but it is something I would like to get into. Thanks
  11. Headin down south for some flyfishing today myself
  12. I know..... FishinG....has a "G" at the end of it
  13. "no longer on fish"...... Dave, I don't think the emphasis has EVER been on fish.
  14. I think he is talking about the fact that it is a bird conservation area and you are talking about hunting there.....I could be wrong, but thats what I get out of it.
  15. I also might drive home and get in an accident or might get struck by lightning....I'm not going to sit here and have a debate with you about how many fish I "might" have killed....at least I know for a fact that they aren't sitting dead in my freezer. I never said that all of the fish that I released survived, but I thought the topic of conversation was how to prevent poaching and ensure the future of our fisheries, not figuring out a number that is impossible to calculate....for pete's sakes. As far as calling me smug, well....I just find that rude. I think the fish population of all species has declined (since the early 80's) was my point....I'm not even going to try and figure out all the factors involved in the decreasing number. I also think the "0" limit on walleye in lakes where all I catch is one after another is bs, and the people doing the survey should start doing a better job.
  16. "Other factors such as the three, going on four, year drought..." Drought?....I thought major flood and thundershowers this year would have alleviated some (all) of that problem. Bottom line, we could sit and talk about all the reasons why fish populations are suffering, but none of them are going to solve the problem....at least RAP is one way of direct action to help the fishing in Alberta....hopefully I never need to use them though.
  17. I have a fishcat 4, not a true pontoon boat but at least you get a bit of exercise with a set of fins on your feet. I like the boat and it works fine for me, plenty of storage space for flies and whatnot...and I can even store an anchor in mine. Not good for use in really rough waters, but that hasn't stopped me before.
  18. What should have been done is that F&W should have cracked down on poachers and limits sooner, before it actually became a problem. I don't remember who said it, but to say that alot of these lakes have too large of catch limits is complete bullshit!...I have to say. I have seen the limit of every species of fish decline consistently since I was a little boy barely able to cast a line...why is that, poor fish management and people keeping more than their limit...plain and simple. I have released literally hundreds of fish this year, and do you know how many I have kept...One, and that was out of beaumont, and only because it wasn't going to survive. Personally I don't care if I keep a single one...I am not a meat fisherman, but don't tell me that the limits are too high...almost everywhere I look the walleye limit is zero and yet I can't keep them off my line.
  19. S'too bad I'm not interested in fishing for whites
  20. I've used my float tube on it.....never had a complaint, its a fishing pond. Plus, I've caught way more in the middle. Fishing has been brutal there lately though.
  21. Okay, maybe not jacks...but some nice walleye or even perch lakes would be nice. I would what kinda flies you use for perch?
  22. Since Scratch mentioned it and I would like to know for myself. What are some good bodies of water around edmonton, and what can I expect fishing them. I personally don't care if its trout, walleye (maybe jacks)...Its just nice to have options, and also be able to go places where the happy salad populations haven't exploded.
  23. Thanks for the instructions by the way...I may head out there one day soon.
  24. Maybe F&W should be doing a better job and checking some of these lakes, especially the ones with bait and size restrictions on a more regular basis...or maybe I'm wrong?
  25. I understand that some of you may have found some of ABH's comments offensive, but for homie's sake's we are all grown men and more importantly flyFisherman here...and my take is that everyone is allowed to share their opinions without having someone jump down their throat. I am sorry, but this is one of my major pet peeves and I wish that everyone was able to agree to disagree on every subject....especially fishing. I neither agree or disagree with one or the other, and I understand that Muir is everyone's "baby" here and there has been alot of hard work put into that lake...but Its still not the Holy Grail of all lakes. Personally I like what has been done to it, and would love to help out with it. I hope we can all just get along and help each other out....people are just too damn defensive sometimes.
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