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  1. Just looking for some suggestions for Pink salmon flies. Suprisingly where we go fishing the blue/greens seem to work better than the standard pinks, but I was just wondering if any of you guy have a pink goto fly that you like to tie and works well. Hook # and material would be appreciated. Cheers :beer:

  2. Thats why I haven't been to any meeting lately, way too busy with the band and being sick! I'll be sure to let you know when the next show is.


    I think you're a little (lot) off on the Skid Row ABH, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I like that band so I consider that a compliment. Those tracks on there are older tracks and not the mixed down studio versions. Also, one thing I have come to realize as a musician is that theres always people that think you sound like someone else...eventually it all gets rooted in blues or the beatles anyways.

  3. I doubt that we are your style of music RB, but yes we are a good band. www.myspace.com/longwaydown


    We just really need a new rehearsal space, and I just though one of you guys might have a warehouse of something. Thanks guys, anything you can do I will appreciate

  4. I am looking for a rehearsal space for my alternative/ rock band. We are a very serious, very professional/ respectful and need basically a space (heated and with power) that we can have access to (24hr preferably, but Evenings and weekends is fine). and hopefully something that is on the main floor for easy load in/ load out. We will pay good money for the right space. The space doesn't have to be super big, but we would like to put a couple couches in there and such and HAVE TO be able to lock our gear inside so no-one could get to it...with 1000's of dollars of gear I'm sure you can understand that. Something like a business that is only open weekdays and has the extra space would be ideal. Let me know if any of you know of a spot that might work, I would appreciate it. Thanks


    Suffice to say this is why I haven't been to any tying meetings, because I have been so busy with the band....but I do plan come to tonights meeting. Cheers :cheers:

  5. It is Brian yes, and The fishing centre/ hole/ wholesale are all sold out. Rotary whip finish? Isn't that the same thing as a rotary materalli? (that is what I'm looking for)....I have a thompson, its just (supposed to be) easier to whip finish around bead heads with a materalli...so I've heard. Cheers guys

  6. :D Just wondering what Access to Club Video/Book Library entails with my membership...and what the rules and stipulations are (how long can you keep them for, dues?). I haven't payed my $20 yet, but I will at the next meeting I attend. I'm looking for the VHS and the book entitled "Fly tying made clear and simple" and I was wondering if we had those in our library. Thanks
  7. I definately plan to be out more Dennis. Thanks. What was the name of the vise you were using again? You said you got it at the fishing hole?


    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dave for teaching me one on one some tricks of the trade...I learned alot from him and I can't thank you enough. Looking forward to learning more from him and from other members I never got the chance to meet properly. Planning on getting my own vise and tools soon :D Cheers to all you members


    Yayy...I created my first fly...a Griffiths Gnat!!

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