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  1. Just looking for some suggestions for Pink salmon flies. Suprisingly where we go fishing the blue/greens seem to work better than the standard pinks, but I was just wondering if any of you guy have a pink goto fly that you like to tie and works well. Hook # and material would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Anyone had some good luck fishin down by Canmore before? I know of a few spots I've done well at before, but I kinda wouldn't mind hitting someplace new in my belly boat. Thanks guys
  3. Should be a good one eh Dave, especially after the win on Sunday. I really want to come down to a "lesson" sometime again soon, just been super busy. Tight lines
  4. Did you mean Holy Grail :lol:
  5. Nice Scratch, nice.....some pretty colorful fish there. Glad to see the project is doing well.
  6. Its all cool....How did you guys make out at muir this weekend?
  7. Just wondering if you guys had some suggestions about some good lakes to try this weekend? preferably water that have been fishing well
  8. I second that motion...nothing consistent. Probably because there are NOOOO fish out there. Except for the one that "your buddy" caught scratch
  9. Guitar with vocals. I was the one licking the statues nipple
  10. http://www.maximumfighting.com/video/lwd.wmv Our video that they air this past friday at the maximum fighting. The guy really did get arrested at the show. Enjoy
  11. Also wanted to let you know that part of our song "around the bend" http://www.myspace.com/longwaydown is featured on the commercial for the ultimate fighting that is happening at the shaw conference center soon. We are in the process of doing a video for that song and if it gets done, there is a possibility it will be played at the conference center during the ultimate fighting.
  12. All I know is that all rock music is rooted somewhere in blues. And no scratch, I don't have time to give you lessons :lol:
  13. Thats why I haven't been to any meeting lately, way too busy with the band and being sick! I'll be sure to let you know when the next show is. I think you're a little (lot) off on the Skid Row ABH, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I like that band so I consider that a compliment. Those tracks on there are older tracks and not the mixed down studio versions. Also, one thing I have come to realize as a musician is that theres always people that think you sound like someone else...eventually it all gets rooted in blues or the beatles anyways.
  14. I doubt that we are your style of music RB, but yes we are a good band. www.myspace.com/longwaydown We just really need a new rehearsal space, and I just though one of you guys might have a warehouse of something. Thanks guys, anything you can do I will appreciate
  15. I am looking for a rehearsal space for my alternative/ rock band. We are a very serious, very professional/ respectful and need basically a space (heated and with power) that we can have access to (24hr preferably, but Evenings and weekends is fine). and hopefully something that is on the main floor for easy load in/ load out. We will pay good money for the right space. The space doesn't have to be super big, but we would like to put a couple couches in there and such and HAVE TO be able to lock our gear inside so no-one could get to it...with 1000's of dollars of gear I'm sure you can understand that. Something like a business that is only open weekdays and has the extra space would be ideal. Let me know if any of you know of a spot that might work, I would appreciate it. Thanks Suffice to say this is why I haven't been to any tying meetings, because I have been so busy with the band....but I do plan come to tonights meeting. Cheers
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