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  1. What kind of fish are in that area? pike/walleye? or trout/whitefish?
  2. What I meant by "open" is the water.... ie no ice????
  3. Is the Red Deer Open? Or do you plan on ice fishing it?
  4. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.... Isnt that how the saying goes?
  5. I was told today THat ice fishing at star is pretty hot right now... (meal Worms) In case anyone is interested...
  6. I love taking paid Sick Days off work. What they're mostly for... and fishing. Me too, I dont get any thing for not using my sick days.... so, I have no problem using them... some guys at work call in sick jsut because they dont feel like coming in... Heck, I've even called in everyday I've been off, and if anyone needs me, my radio is still on...they can get ahold of me anytime. Cold FX work on flu too?
  7. Lance, I think you and me have the same thing... I dont have much of a voice either a few squeaks here and there....best of luck getting over it... Oh, yeah, "river runs through it" is one of my favorites too...but I can only watch a movie so many times. Hope you feel better soon Lance... Have good day!
  8. Yes, e-bay, but who know if you ar going to get what you want...and if you dont like it, you cant return it.... but hey, I hear their are some great deals on e-bay....speaking of wich I gotta check out the DU website, see whats on the auction block this week.
  9. Well, I've been off sick for the last 2 days. Yesterday, I built a "suggestion box" for the wives work. And a cabinet for the Father in laws Xbox and games . (I got a new Table router for X-mas). Today I slept until about noon... Now I'm bored. I have way to many flies to tie more. And no more wood. Though, maybe I'll go buy some and finish my Entertainment system..... we'll see. As you can tell I'm bored. There is no new posts... I guess everybody else is working.... Maybe I'll go watch a movie... any how, now that your all bored with my useless post, I'll say "good bye". Good Bye!
  10. Thats a big shopping cart! good luck on that.... And to top it off you'll never find it all in one store... Best of luck though!
  11. When I was at gull on Jan 1, the Ice was 18-20 in. I would expect it to be 20+ now. Well to what it sounds like is maybe i soaked my hooks in gas over the summer or something..... Oh, well, maybe it will improve for "ME" soon... Heck I even bought a new Ice tent this year. Maybe its bad luck or something. Anyone else using the eskimo SPORT? I swithed from a pop up to a fliptent this year, a lot more room, and quicker to move.
  12. I think you are correct about the snow cover. Any movement and the fish scatter. Especially when you have high traffic like at gull. Well it's good to see you are doing better than me. I'm getting kinda depressed. I guess I'll give it another go this weekend... Just havent figured out where yet. It's supposed to snow abit more this week... even tonight possible some???? we will see. Take care.
  13. Well, My season for Ice fishing is off to a ssssssllllllooooooooooowwwww start. I've been out 4 times (Smoke, Gull, Devils, and Spring) and have a total of 2 perch and 1 small pike. Pretty darn slow if you ask me.... How is everyone else doing this year.... That is of you who have been ice fishing.
  14. Rena: Sorry to here about your dog. I dread the day I have to put my oldest down. It saddens me to hear of any dog getting that sick or old. Make sure you give him a real good meal and lots of love before you let him/her go...and stay with them until the end. I think its more comforting to them and you'd regret it if you didnt. Best Wishes, Richard
  15. If you live in the Edmonton area, let me know, I have lots of pheasant tail, aand lots of deer and moose hide.... I got me a bull moose this fall, and 4 Whitetails.... So, if you need hair.... I'm giving away....I can even set you up with some nice mallard flanks and wing feathers...also got som goose quills left over.... I plan on bringing a few things to the next meeting I make and donating them to NLFT if they want them.... Later
  16. SOrry, I didnt get this post until today (jan 3) or I would have offered my time and quad and trailer. If you havent finished the job and still need help, let me know... Later
  17. Are you sure that a pontoon boat is required to have these...I nor any of the guys I fish with have ever been questioned or checked while being stopped for licences.... Maybe the F&W officers didnt realize to check.... who knows.... Oh, Actually othere than the extra rope I have all the items on your list.... I have a 9'9" fly rod with floating line.. will that work Later
  18. You guys are finding it harder to catch fish right now.... GIve it 2 weeks... Mid to late Sept and the fishing will pick up... I've always found this time of year to be slow.... August and early Sept. I dont even bother with local lakes untill mid Sept... but good luck anyway
  19. Yeah, like i have room to carry all that stuff.... yeah...uh-huh, and where shall I place my fishing gear...... Oh.... I'll just remove my motor mount...and savew space
  20. They are predicting $2.00 / litre by the end of Sept.... I hope not
  21. Talk about getting stroked.... I guess everyone will be car pooling to go fishing soon.... My neighbor was saying that $2.00 / Litre by the end of Sept is very possible.... I have a feeling that the fishing trips will definatly slow down quick.... but hey thats just me....
  22. Ahhh, thats right...dog goes in car, boat on top....
  23. At the fishing center I saw a small led light that can be fastened to a PT boat or other vessel....... It was supposed to very bright and would double as a light to tie on flies or attract Mosquitos, moths, and other various creatures of the dark.... I'm not sure how much, but they were right next to the counter...beside the spinning reels
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