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  1. need wax? grab a Q-tip... no? :lol:
  2. Well, at least it was warm.... What area did you fish? We started out at the Highwood.... That area has drastically changed... THen we move to 22x. At least one kid was happy. I helped him with his casting technique, (not that mine is great) but it was his first time out and his casting did improve... I also gave him some flies for future use.... He ended up with a Golden stone nymph, Bow river bugger, and couple other nymphs.... I also donated about a dozen San juans and a mix of various nymphs to the river.... Guess I gotta do some tying to restock... How did you break your rod? Sorry to hear that, hopefully the warranty will cover it... And waders, use some UV Glue, or Shoe goo... THey always work for me....
  3. Hope you have better luck than I did on the bow today... Not a fish to be seen...+15 though..... wow!
  4. Two of us going to the Bow for Saturday, leaving at 5:00 ish, and got room for 1. I'll check back later if anyones interseted.... anyway, back to tying... later
  5. Do you have to pre book the camping? or is it first come first served?
  6. How much are the cabins per night? and is their space for parking/truck camper? or regular camping? sorry, never been....
  7. Hey, if you put a desk in there, maybe a small tv and satellite dish.... what a quiet place to just get away and tie.....or sleep.... Actually, I've seen pictures of people actually living out of them....
  8. Did you check the Fishing Center???
  9. How about a 7 piece luggage set from Sears....
  10. I'm not sure if this idea helps you... Also I dont no how much stuff you have. But what I did was buy the large Plano Containers. YOu can put most of your stuff in those. You can then get the plano Tackle bags that carry these.... That could help you a bit... As for funiture...do you mean a tying desk? If so I just bought an old wooden desk... has great big drawers and the lots of room. I picked it up at a flea market for $50.00. Hope that helps...but other than that I think you gotta be more specific on what your looking for..... Though.... I think it was Dave would picked up a really cool flytying bag last summer at Romans Garage sale.... Maybe Dave can tell you who makes it and where you may find another.... (P.S. If it wasnt dave ooops Sorry)
  11. Heyyyyy...Alex isnt supposed to be doing a demo!!!! Hes supposed to be mounting my deer!!!! Ah, what the heck....I'll let him off for one night! YOu should see the bird mounts he does! WOW!!!
  12. Well "they" are predicting snow for the beginning of Febuary..... :lol: :lol: :lol: Heck "they" cant even predict the weather happing right now correctly.... But I do hope its more than the skiff we got today...... If we dont get anythis winter that is going to be hard on the water levels on the lakes this year....some are already suffering pretty bad...
  13. I have used the was ... but I find it gets to be more of a pain.... I just wet the ole fingers... that seems to do the trick for me.... and lots of twisting.... just if you use some of the synthetics....it as Dave says... YOu may need it for some of the coarser types....
  14. Well, I guess $200.00 is kinda piddley compared to that.... Oh well, it was an offer.... later
  15. so, what your saying is that I wont be able to get the club $200 free dollars.... but i can give it to Fesa or TU
  16. Sorry for a dumb question, but what does FESA stand for?
  17. Like I say, get me a charity number and we can fill out the forms... Email me when you get it and I'll bring the form to a meeting....
  18. Did I hear correctly? That the club will soon have a charity number? If so, I can get the club a $200.00 Donation from where I work... I got one for my Archery club yesterday. Let me know when this takes place.... I get $200.00 per year at any charitble club/organization I belong to. Later
  19. Well, I went dropped off my flies for the swap and then left at the intermission. But seeing I have yet to renew my membership i cant vote. Therefor I left early and dont know who won. Sorry I cant help ya...later
  20. We should do a Bow river or Red deer river or some river that guys with pontoon boats can float, and also guys with out can still get fishies from the shore/wading... That way its not that bad for guys from southern AB.... the Crow is just so friggin' far... 6.5 hours I think????
  21. I was just thinking... Seeing that there is very little snow, so far, this year. What will be the relult of this winter? Will there be a greater or reduced chance winter kill? I would think that there would be a lesser chance of winter kill due to the fact that the weeds wouldnt die.... but then in that case could we expect very weedy lakes next year? hmmm
  22. Hey, Maybe a little ahead of schedule here, but what weekend is the 06 Klave? I was think of booking a week of in the summer and figured maybe I'd book it around that weekend.... Let me know if anyone has an Idea... Thanks
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