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  1. I do have a pickmeuptruck.... I'll try and get the Box cover off theTues night prior.. Shall I meet you at the meeting for this? Later,
  2. I'm not sure I'm going to make the Wed Mar 8 meeting, but please put me down if you need help with the set up for the show. I'm available Wednesday after 3:30. I can also tie on Thursday and Friday nights after 4:30 p.m. Let me know. Thanks, Richard Doucette
  3. In case anyones interested, the Alberta fishing guide, 2006, came out today.... later
  4. Michael: When I finish the box, I will bring it to the following meeting, and you guys can decide where it would be best suited. I am also the swapmaster in a fly swap on Flytyingworld web site. http://flytyingworld.proboards62.com/index.cgi I will soon have a set of flies from that to donate to the club for the fund raiser as well. Included in this assortment are flies tied from as far away as United States, England and Australia. Again, I will bring these in and there destination can be chosen by higher powers. Hope that helps. I'm just helping out, the items I get may go where they will be best suited. I just wish to help out when I can. later Richard
  5. I guess my question is then, "These items I'm trying to get are for the NLFT silent auction?" or ar they for the TU dinner silent Auction? I'm so confused... too many activities all at the same time
  6. Well, update, I just got a call back from Lubex, they are donating a oilchange. I am still waiting to here back from Raven Crest Golf Course. they wont be in until Monday. Seeing I work there part time in the Summer, I'm pretty sure we will get a couple of rounds donated.... but no guarantees. Plus I still have to talk to my father. He's a dealer for Snap on tools. Maybe he can get some thing real cool from them... but again no guarantees. but I'll keep trying. I will try to get 5 items. Hopefully that will be sufficient. later, Richard
  7. Well. I went to 5 different places this morning. Everyone except one said, "sorry, cant do it". One place wants to know how many people will be in attendance. I said "possibly 100-200". Is that about right? The last time I did this for a silent auction, I got over 30 different items my self. Now it's like pulling teeth. A well, maybe its just a bad day. I'll ty somemore tomorrow... Please let me know what the predicted attendance will be, just in case I'm asked again. Thank you Richard
  8. You seem to do that alot there RB... to many ?? Oh by the way dont let RB light the candlw on your cake...
  9. Well, then I'll get started on it tomorrow or Friday... I'm not promising a master piece, but I'll do my best. I fairly new at this woodworking thing... so please dont expect perfection Richard P.S. I'm going to head out to a few places to try to pick up a few donations this afternoon for the Auction.... Hmmm... theres a Crazy Horse not to far from the Fishing hole.... I wonder what they could through in?
  10. Happy B-day too you Happy B-day too you Happy B-day dear Pauline Happy B-day too you....
  11. I am building a couple of large fly boxes, mainly for streamers, out of wood. (the boxes not the streamers) Any how, I was wondering if TU would like one for the auction? IF so, I can build an extra... It will be make out of pine, and such... let me know and I'll get made ASAP. Richard
  12. Lance, I'm not sure if I will make it on Wednesday.... But I'd be willing to help out on the set up, and maybe some tying....let me know what you may need.
  13. yeah, I have to agree... not very hard to figure a way to use Feathers to to tie a fly.... How about 1/2 steel plate.... that would take a bit of figuring out to make that float.... Or a cannon ball... or how about one of RB's cameras...we could dismantle it and use the parts for tying? Lance, whatta ya figure?
  14. Will that be at the sportsman show? of the fishing hole show? Maybe thats what would help.... THough, it may just tell me to go back to spin casting or playing slo-pitch....
  15. Not bad at all... kinda got that Skid Row sound... (the band, not the location) You also sound like another band, but I just cant place it right now... WTG
  16. WTG Alex... I really like Docs nymph and Dales dry, but Alex your streamer looks pretty cool. Congrats, sorry I missed it...
  17. Heck, I'm going to attend the intermediate casting clinic myslef this year...my casting bites....though, I'm very accurate at hittng trees behind me....can do it without eve looking too....
  18. Luke. Tell your wife welcome to the life. I guess what one would need to know is do want instruction in fly tying or fly fishing. Either way the club is a great place to get information. There is a heck of a lot of information passed around at meetings for those who ask or are willing to listen. The club has beginner and intermediate casting and tying courses. I'm not sure what the dates are, but I'm sure someone with more info on the subject will fill you in soon. Best is to bring her to a meeting or two and ask around. Also, check out the section with the newsletters. That may give you some of the information you are looking for... Best of luck. Richard
  19. If thats not the same weekend of my June Walleye TOurnament, I may just make it this year.... Though, I'd still like to make it up to Ruby if I'm in the area.... has anyone heard how Ruby did last year???
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