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  1. Yes, I remember, Just never got a chance to fish it.... I guess stocking pike is better than building a housing development on it.... shhhhhhh
  2. I'd be interested..... Can we do it befor April 11, When I leave to BC to fishing??? p-p-p-please? I wasnt too interested in furled leaders, until I saw how they were made...and what they looked like.... NOw I want to try some... I still have some Q's about them, but they can wait for a bit.... I'll ask later.... must sleep soon, after the meeting I went to the Power plant... A friends band was playing there. They didnt get started until about 12:00 pm, and I didnt get to bed until about 2:30a.m....zzzzzzzzz.... It was their last performance here for awhile. They move to Toronto, on Monday, 'cause thats where there Management company is based out of and stuff..... later, Richard OBTW Greg, Good job on the presentation...
  3. I heard Cow had monster trout in it.... what a waste!
  4. I believe the licences for 06 went on sale on the 15th.... later,
  5. THanks... I appreciate you grabing those for me.... I was pretty beat on friday. I guess you gotta be to leave fly boxes around... Later, Richard
  6. I agree, we needed this and still need more. If you dont believe me go look at Bens lake, or whitford lake, Beaver hill lake. They are all so low that Whitford dried up for the most part. We need another 2-3 feet, just to get things started... Unfortunately I dont think we'll get much more....but they are saying snow at the end of the week again.. Thank god for the snowblower....well actually thank my neighbor. he gave it to me..... later, Richard
  7. If you need help getting the stuff here, call me. If not, just call when your on your way. I'm going to TRY to get some work done in the basement today...just hard getting motivated today... just like every other day. I still have to change the oil in the snowblower today too... aw gawd, why did have to snow so much...I was supposed to be ice fishing this weekend... later Richard
  8. Isnt that when the air bubbles rise to the top? or is that when they fart?...
  9. I'll be there as close to 6:00 as I can... THe car is due booked for an oil change at 4:00 so.... I should make it. SPeaking of, If anyone drives a Ford. YOu can go to Kentwood ford and get 100,000km worth of oil changes(20) for a one time price $140.00. THe oil change I had done on my Truck today cost me $45.00. I'm glad the cars changes are paid for
  10. Lance can we stick around for a few mins to see whats for sale? befor we head to the Agricom? Huh can we can we...PLLLLEAAASSSEEEE :lol:
  11. Sounds like you all had fun... I guess I'm going to have to check one of these shows out some time... later
  12. Nice Job on the vid! Which one are you if you dont mind me asking? ei vocals, drum, guitar? Looks like you guys are starting to do very well for yourselves WTG! Later
  13. How much did the book cost you? and is it worth what you paid? how many patterns?
  14. Prospecting.... Hmmm, THe gregg river 2 years ago.... No fish to be found except for one small ripple section...maybe 20 yards long. All they would take were small adams. I tried runs, bends, under cuts(when I could find them). It tried the pools, every place you would think they would be.... It was definately a day of searching.... But I finally got in to a little bunch of fish in the 8 - 10 " range. I think I ended up landing about 6. then it was over. Actually, to think of it most of my days on rivers could be considered in this catagory. I dont fish the rivers enough to know them that well, so it is usually a a day of searching and feeding the trees... or as I have come to call it...leaving bread crumbs of where I've been.... just follow the trail of the flies I leave behind. HAve a great day all.
  15. Have fun guys.... I'm going ice fishing.... Unless the roads are in the morning.
  16. I havent seen him play... I hear is very fast. Maybe a line mate for hemsky to PASS to?
  17. Re above post: The Woman on the left looks that way 'cause she wants all your money. The Woman on the Right already has it... Who's caught who you ask?
  18. Scratch: Read the article last night when I got home. Good job... BTW Welcome to the world of Right handed casting... :lol: later
  19. BYE BYE MORRISON.... Gone to the Ottawa Senators.... Same with Reasoner, He's gone to Boston... I hope the Oilers can get their poop together soon.... Later
  20. Oh yeah, And Oilers got a new Goalie.... Could be a good day!!!
  21. TEAM CANADA WINS!!!! They beat Team USA 8 - 6 in the round robin!!!! Major upset!!!
  22. The fishing center has it, as well as Wholesale sports. The Fishing Center also got in the new Fly Fusion...just in case your interested.
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