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  1. I have also heard that Brookies are supposed to taste better than Rainbows. I have yet to try, but.... This weekend my brother, some friends, and I are heading into a little back country lake by quad. It's supposed to be filled with good Brooks. Soooo ... I think I will keep one as a little taste tester. Hope the fish are biting.... I'll send some pics if I get some
  2. Well, In the past, Ive seen guys who go early in the A.M. and run the gate.... Now I'm not recomending this, but it has been done... By the way, anyone catch any Walleye in Jackfish lately? Good perch by the Island....
  3. Another way to locate the depth is if you have an anchor system on your boat/tube, mark your rope to tell you the depth. I have mine marked every 3 feet. that will give you a pretty decent idea of the depth. From shore though.... well... hmmm.... hope you brought a towel....oh and dont be swimming where the fish are..... As for chronies.... yeah, I agree near the bottom. as for tying on the second one... well that all depends on how well you follow the law. If you follow the law ty into the eyelet. if you dont... try the other end....<ahem>
  4. you wanna walk in the woods with bears.... yeah better carry a gun.... better safe that sorry.... Especially if you smell like fish....
  5. June 24 huh? Myabe I can make it... no need for a pontoon boat is there? or is the embarass big enough to float? never been there..... whats the fishing like? or does anyone really go for the fishing??? later
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