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  1. what river is that? the crow?
  2. What happened the the casting platform that was installed last year? Isn't that one good enough? I havent been there in 2006 but if I remember correctly THey were building one in the 2006 spring.... am I wrong?
  3. big black bunny leech.... About 8 inches long. Grey and black works well too. but a large black bunny is the ticket most often.
  4. I have some sharptail grouse capes in my freezer. If anyones interested they can have one... I have 4 available. though, you will have to treat them, alkl they are is skinned off the bird and frozen. later.
  5. heres a pic from Upper kananaskis lake from Sunday night....
  6. heres the cuttie I caght on the July long weekend... finally got the pics back 23" caught on a Bead head hares ear
  7. Best of luck Darren, Fish the great lakes and all them Northern lakes if you get the chance.... You'll have a blast. Take care Richard
  8. maybe thats what he meant...thanks for updating....
  9. JUst a heads up.... A friend of mine was up in the area last week for work and says the road to the little smokey is presently closed, He4 says he thinks they are working on the road or something. Not sure if it still is but, again just a heads up .... Maybe call Fox creek area F&W to confirm, may save you a long drive for nothing.... Richard
  10. I'll help and tie some flies...What does he need tied? I rather get a list of what is needed than just guessing... Richard
  11. Hey, Dont think I'll make it, way to much Overtime at work.... but I still Owe the club $60.00 from the tickets I sold at the Silent auction... I'll get you guys soon, just been too busy to get down there... But I havent forgot.... Later
  12. I guess the Highwood overflowed the banks today.... could we be looking at a repeat of last year? I think the lakes are where its at right now... As for myself, I was going to go to Snaring, but as per the rain, I'm sure its as muddy as it gets right now, so, I'll stay home and try for next weekend.... I may even try Maligne if all goes well. But hey, I like the snaring and could fish it all day.
  13. Personally I think we've had enough already(for this week anyway), maybe too much at once..... Working outside, I think I'm starting to grow scales..... Other than that, Sorry, been too busy to get out of town.... cant help yah, but if I make it to the Mountains this weekend I'll let ya know upon my return... Later
  14. no problem.... Hope you enjoy which ever one you choose Don A: You have found that the River boats are not all their cracked up to be and the lake boats work fine in the river? I just know that the river boats dont row worth a damn on the flat water.... the look more like rocking chairs than pt boats... catch ya later
  15. 1st you have to decide if you want a River boat, or a lake boat.... River boats are not as easy to handle on lakes.... you expell alot of excess energy when rowing due to the banana shape of the pontoons.... on the other hand... a lake boat is not as manouverable on a river due to the long flat pontoons.... If you looking for a lake boat in the 6-9 range check out the Water skeeter Spey cast(I have one) or the Outcast discovery 9 or the 8 foot model. I definately prefer the molded seats that both these have. They both have motor mounts. If youre looking for a river model, check out the River runner by Water skeeter.... a friend of mine has one and he likes it... ut a gain he finds it a little hard to row because he rocks back and forth with each stroke of the oar due to the curve of the pontoons.... If you ar looking for a great hybrid, check out the River guide series from Water skeeter.... Long flat pontoons, But big curves for the river... Its 10' long though, but has a removable casting platform..... Another friend of mine just ordered a 10' pt boat form cabelas. It also has a removeable platform, or better yet the platform slides under the seat when not in use.... Both of these boats are in the $1200.00 range. The second one, I dont remember the name of it, so you will have to look for yourself if interested at www.Cabela's.com HOpe that helps some....If you have any more Q's about the Water skeeters feel free to ask. Rangerbob has a Outcast, and I'm sure he'll answer any Q's on that one too.... Best piece fo advice, is buy wisely, and dont cheap out, or you will regret it.... later, Richard
  16. Brian, As promised I will have a fly box full of flies for the Auction. I just finished staining it, and will clear coat it in th A.m.... in a pprox 4.5 hours... befor I go to work.... This box will be full of flies from tiers all over the world, from the Flytyingworld site. I still may have another item too... email/pm me if you need any extra info... THis was the first fly box I've ever made, a couple of small oops's but I think it looks OK... If you dont think it will be worth putting out, let me know, I wont be insulted. Heres a picture of the 2 halfs.... while the stains drying On the inside, one side is magnet, the other foam. They will have brass hinges on the back, and are held closed with rare earth magnets. OBTW, 1 of my guest may have dissappeared, but I still have 6 tickets sold, and maybe even 2 more as of this eveing....so that may make 8, but will see for sure tomorrow. Later, Richard
  17. Ok, no one goes out until I'm sure that the fish are ready...that will take until at least 2:00 p.m., maybe 2:30 p.m.. Until that time, I am the only one allowed access on the lake and allowed to wet a line.
  18. Chickacoo is best fished in winter. I think its due to the fact the lake is faily shallow and get very murky in summer. As for sauer.... If the fish over wintered then its a blast to fish... lots of hungry rainbows.... if you fish to the right of the launching area, fish up against the shore... cast to the reeds and strip retrieve. if you fish to the left, there is some cool under water weedbeds.... Good luck
  19. 2 black labs, and a Chessie/black lab cross. Loads of pheasants under their belts... I'll probable hit Pheasant tree pheasant farm this summer a couple of times just to keep the dogs up to speed. I had them out at the farm on the weekend, they put up 2 hungarian partridge and a 5 Ruffies. Also chased some deer at my moms uncles farm. later Richard
  20. Skipper: Where are you going for pheasants? Interested in some company? I'd love to get my dogs out on some birds..... later, Richard
  21. Windy today...maybe that will help...I'm heading out to check it on Friday...will photo and post upon my return!
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