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    Hunting, Fishing, Camping, My Wife, My Dogs, Quading, Tying flies, Photographing Wildlife, Archery, Drawing, Music

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  1. Hey wishing for you a day of great rest and cheer Happy Birthday!

  2. what river is that? the crow?
  3. What happened the the casting platform that was installed last year? Isn't that one good enough? I havent been there in 2006 but if I remember correctly THey were building one in the 2006 spring.... am I wrong?
  4. big black bunny leech.... About 8 inches long. Grey and black works well too. but a large black bunny is the ticket most often.
  5. I have some sharptail grouse capes in my freezer. If anyones interested they can have one... I have 4 available. though, you will have to treat them, alkl they are is skinned off the bird and frozen. later.
  6. heres a pic from Upper kananaskis lake from Sunday night....
  7. heres the cuttie I caght on the July long weekend... finally got the pics back 23" caught on a Bead head hares ear
  8. Best of luck Darren, Fish the great lakes and all them Northern lakes if you get the chance.... You'll have a blast. Take care Richard
  9. maybe thats what he meant...thanks for updating....
  10. JUst a heads up.... A friend of mine was up in the area last week for work and says the road to the little smokey is presently closed, He4 says he thinks they are working on the road or something. Not sure if it still is but, again just a heads up .... Maybe call Fox creek area F&W to confirm, may save you a long drive for nothing.... Richard
  11. I'll help and tie some flies...What does he need tied? I rather get a list of what is needed than just guessing... Richard
  12. Hey, Dont think I'll make it, way to much Overtime at work.... but I still Owe the club $60.00 from the tickets I sold at the Silent auction... I'll get you guys soon, just been too busy to get down there... But I havent forgot.... Later
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