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  1. ditto on the materials list
  2. Good job for sure! And thanks for pointing out that Report button - never noticed it before. FYI - if you need/want any assistance with any of the web stuff, let me know - would be happy to help out.
  3. Some amazing photography indeed! Careful if you're on dial-up though!
  4. We expect to see tons of pictures! Don't disappoint us!
  5. Great pics Dan! Looks gorgeous!
  6. Great pictures - nice fish o'plenty by the looks of things!
  7. Sorry I can't make it out this evening! Hopefully nobody strains themselves too badly. A fridge dolly would be handy for sure...
  8. And then there's the top ten reasons for being ....
  9. I would say that's precision casting! Maybe with fly casting some big pike flies, a person might take out skeets launched a little more quickly...on every forward cast! lol
  10. Were you taking your Zodiac to the South Pacific?
  11. Weeds - 176 Fish - 1 abt 10" if you stretched him a little Was a gorgeous evening - but I think Norm caught all the fish And was good getting the additional practice setting up the pontoon boat. Trying to get the set up down to 15-20 minutes, but not quite there yet
  12. Just returned from Swan this afternoon - we found out about Swan still allowing overnight camping a couple days ago when we called Youngs Point from Figure of Eight - the gal at Youngs point said why not just stay at Swan - then laughed when we said that we heard it was closed to overnight camping. There are some acreages up for sale there now, and there is actually a fair bit of work going on - gravel being laid in the parking lot and the road into swan, as well as on the path into the 'sites' in the bush, north of the parking lot. Today there were a couple guys upgrading the fish cleaning stand, and there's a big bear proof garbage can there now as well. Seems like a lot of work going on around there.
  13. Not sure about motel options at the towns you mentioned - I've only stayed in Valleyview, but definitely preferred the Swan Lake parking lot ;^) The cycle of having to setting up/ tear down camp each day, assembling / reassembling the pontoon boat each day, gas... we want a week o' fishen and relaxen
  14. Closest camping is now at Sturgeon Lake - back towards Valleyview - I think that the provincial campground there is called Youngs Point. It's about 20-25 minutes from Swan.
  15. Well, I don't think we'll look too pi$$ed off - after all, we'll be fishing, and off work for over a week! And we leave in just a few days!! (I like that... Scadden Armada....lol)
  16. Are wets or soft hackles classified as nymphs? lol just noticed that I need to update my avatar - not doing much tubing these days, and haven't had a smoke in almost 5 months!
  17. tuber

    Déja Vu

    Well, 5 flies instead of 7.... If you could pick only 5 flies to fish with (current topic over at the Washington Flyfishing forum - not sure if you need to be registered or not) It's interesting seeing the differences (and similarities between regions)
  18. LOL - And I'll 2nd that motion! Good job Vince!
  19. Yeah - now they decide to add some enforcement/patrols. great timing! I guess we'll have to work on plan B...
  20. when are flies needed by? I have some that I was going to bring out this evening, but was unable to get away!
  21. lol... nope, must be Dragon Trollers, mine doesn't have a motor
  22. hehe - Status: In Transit - On Time Cool trailer - gotta add the hitch to my ride this season...
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