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  1. Hope you have (or are having) a good one!
  2. No problems with getting a spot when we rolled in at 11:30 Friday night ;^) Had a blast - backswimmers were working okay - but the real ticket it seemed was a mink leech pattern... Don Anderson had a version that was doing really fine, and I tied up a variation that was more like a rabbit zonker - cast it out, slow strip, pause, wham! I think my version was probably more durable - sorry Don ;^) My biggest of the trip was a 29" fish - was probably 8-9 lbs. Had many others between 20 and 24", but the average seemed to be in the 18 to 20" range. Just a few fish under 18 - smallest being around 14" Was interesting on the water when the wind storm hit - my 'toon handled the swells and whitecaps admirably, although my back and arms were a little tired, even with the motor on full, had to row hard against the wind to get to shore. Was definitely a good time - just have a few fish pics that I'll post up later tonight! As promised:
  3. Great shots Pauline! Thanks for sharing -
  4. Sounds like fun! Look forward to seeing some pix!!
  5. I recall one of the lakes at Pierre Grays being tricky getting the brookies - and it turned out that they were full of snails too. Have to try tying a couple up !
  6. tuber


    Beaumont is nice - and so is Hermitage. If you get bored at Hermitage, there's easy access to the North Sask from the park as well...
  7. When the water is low enough, there's also a nice spot on the inside bend on the east side of the river across from that sand bar, just below the golf course. Just make sure you don't leave anything that might be remotely interesting visible in your vehicle when you park at the golf course parking lot. Summer before last my brother's window got smashed and a cheap rod case stolen - nice thing was all the glass landed on a child seat that I put into his truck so we could bring my little guy fishing (he caught his first fish that day).
  8. Congrats Darren! Let the fun begin!
  9. tuber


    Welcome to the forums Mike, There are some stillwater opportunities are out there right now to satisfy that line-wetting urge... You should definitely try and make it out to an NLFT meeting! Beer good! Micro-brewery beer is even better! :cheers:
  10. tuber

    New Guy

    Hey Rob - welcome to the worst 12 step program on the planet for curing the fly fishing addiction
  11. Hmmm - I suspect that the same could probably be said about DT and top fishing with drys Maybe get both of them out, and DT fishes with the dry flies that were tied during the competition, while Vince fishes the others.
  12. Was an entertaining evening for sure! It would be interesting (and fun) to see the flies tested to see how they fair on the water!
  13. lol! Sat down and watched that too - with my son - although he was distracted by addictingames - he liked the sub and the batmobile though Wait a sec - the Penguin looks familiar...
  14. What's with the blue hair and mask Dave?
  15. and maaannny mooooore!!! Hope you had a great day!
  16. Glad none was taken, as that was certainly not my intention. Just happened across the page looking for some meeting info and noticed the dated info - and figured I would let someone know. Will have to be more careful in future! lol
  17. Was just on the Meetings/memberships page on the website: http://www.nlft.org/about.php Maybe time to change some dates?
  18. Thanks for the wishes - was a good day ;^) As far as being a bummer so close to Christmas? Not a bit! Just meant/means more toys
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