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  1. hi all,

    I bought my waders in Japan. Just pulled them out to check the make but found no brand name. The small tag did say made in china though. I looked at some similar ones at wholesale sports. Anywho,, I can asure you that the japanese fly fisher is very well sorted for all the best gear. Uh I never saw anyone in the style of waders pictured above.


    ko :D


  2. it sounds like there were poachers at muir. Why is ABH even questioning it. They were photographed. They admitted it!!!


    What if they were using chonomids under a flaot...well I guess they were fly fishing...But...they said they were using powerbait.



    signing off (sounding off?)


    ok thanks for listening hope I didn't hurt anyones feelings


    JRR :D

  3. Hi all,

    As a motorcycle rider the question is not if I wear a helmet but how much will I spend on a helmet. How much is your head worth to you?


    I value my brain, it helps me think, eat, sleep, work etc etc... When you think about it you can't live very well with out your head.


    The choice is easy. Buy a helmet and wear it.


    My two cents worth.


    JRR :D

  4. on That topic,

    While living in Japan I lived in a small town with a sweet little river that ran through it. Sure enough there were trout in that there stream and I used to frequent it regularly on a C'n R basis. I was able to find the same fish in pretty much the place day after day. One spot I visited regularly was a pool that I could view from the bank above. I was able to observe the fish feeding and holding for ages. Having studied the fish and enjoyed the expirience of watching it go about its routine for some weeks I wanted to share that so I mentioned it to a workmate.


    Within a week the fish was gone and there seemed to be a greater fisher pressure on the river. hmmmm it happens. <_<




  5. Hi flyfish,

    I will see what I can do about the Japanese fly tying techniques. (no promises)

    I know they are/were right into dapping techniques in the past but most of the fishermen I met while there were useing the traditional western??? techniques and flies.


    In any case, I am looking forward to sharing what I experienced while there.



  6. G'day again,

    The fishing in Australia is pretty good. There is plenty of saltwater action to be had ranging from Sydney harbour to estuary in the top end(just look out for the crocs ok).

    Tasmania is probably known as the most productive trout area as well as the snowy mountains in the states of victoria and New South Wales in Australias south eastern region.


    I will bring copies of 'Flylife' (an Australian salt and freshwater fly fshing magazine) to one of the nlft or Flys n beers meetings so you cancheck it out for yourself.




  7. Hi All,

    Just joined up. My name is James. From Australia and have been fly fishing since 2001. Fished mostly in hokkaido, Japan. Looking forward to tying, fishing and posting messages with the group.


    James :D

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