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  1. Me and my brother were chatting with Doc the other day at the Fishin Hole, and he kinda convinced the both of us to want to join the NLFT. How does one go about joining?
  2. Yea, that was an amazing game! Good to see the Esks pull it off in the end.
  3. Well, it looks like you guys had some good trips out there in the last week! I finally saw the posts after I responded on here yesterday. Good to see the fish are still kickin!
  4. I was just assuming that the "no fishing" thing was legit...guess I was wrong. With that being said, I heard a report of some good whites being caught last week.
  5. I think the only thing that keeps the river from becoming more popular for fishing is that it is high and muddy for about 80% or more of the year. There's usually a 1 month window of good clarity for fishing in most places (Edmonton and downstream), if it's a good year...
  6. I remember a story from White Lake in BC (near Salmon Arm) where they poisoned the lake with some sort of chemical, then after a year or two, they began to re-introduce trout into the lake. Now, the lake is thirving once again with large trout, excellent shoal area, insects and wildlife. I don't remember what happened that got them to poison the lake off, but I can't see why it couldn't be done on Cow Lake to get rid of the perch, and start from ground zero... Do you think it would be a possibility Don? The only reason I can see for stocking pike is to control the perch populations. I was too young (born in '85) to enjoy the double digit rainbows that used to be around in the lakes here, but I have read about them in old Alberta Fishing Guides, and outdoor mags from the 80's. It truly is amazing how much things have changed (for the worse in a lot of cases).
  7. flyfish: that catatonic pic looks familiar!
  8. My 3 biggest fish today were 17", 18", and 18.25" (taped on stripping apron), and a lot more were landed in the ~12-16" range. The three of us couldn't keep them off the chironomids and leeches. Those bigger ones pull like mad too ! For a freezing cold day, it was a shocker to catch something, let alone that many rainbows! You guys have done a great job with this lake!
  9. 55 minutes! Whoo! I think I'll be there in about 11 hours...
  10. Oh, it should be a gong show lol :lol:
  11. Just a few more days to go guys! Looks like it might be a cold day.
  12. You did the right thing. It would have died anyways, so why not take it home for a meal. Keeping the odd trout aint bad.
  13. The debate was also about how the EXACT spot on the lake to a T was mentioned. That's the part I was a little upset about....
  14. This issue has been resolved...
  15. From what I remember, just before you get to the first 4 way stop, there is a sign that says "4 Seasons Park" or something, and it has a little fishing symbol on it somwhere I think. If you follow the signs, you should find it no problem. Last time I fished it was 3 or 4 years ago though lol.
  16. Well, what are we at here guys? 19 days?
  17. Oh yea, I forgot to say that I have always found the Fish Tales guys to be very friendly and helpful. David Blair and Seamus Toner were really great to talk to, and were very knowledgeable.
  18. Did ya go fishing at all in those 10 days down there?
  19. 27 days left guys! Better have your leeches and chironomids tied up!
  20. Does anybody know if The Fishin Hole hires workers for the summer months (May-end of August)? I dropped off a resume at the North side Fishin Hole, and I really hope to get a chance to work there. Anyone know what they do with regards to this? Thanks.
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