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  1. Hey Dan, not sure if it was you that Andy and myself were talking to (didn't get your name), but it was good to chat fishing with ya lol :drinked:

    Hi Tim,


    I think it was me you and your brother were chatting to about fishing Racehorse etc. I just looked at your Hook and Vise video. You guys did a good job on it and no better guy to be out on the Bow with than Maxwell. I look forward to more of your productions.


    Tim Reid


    Hey Tim, thanks for the kind words! Yeah, Max definitely knows his Bow River, and is pretty skilled with the two hander. It is you I was thinking of when I posted that lol...so looks like you have an easy name for me to remember now lol ;)

  2. I think a lot of people very well may have come to the event, but would have purchased tickets at the door. That's what I would have done myself, had I not received a couple from a friend. You guys are right, they should have said something if they wanted tickets to be purchased in advance. :curse:

  3. I managed to make it for the last hour yesterday. I NEEDED wading boots and fluorocarbon tippet. I WENT HOME WITH: a new G-Loomis GL3 5 wt, Korkers wading boots, and an internal frame backpack from Camper's Village. Why oh why do I go to these events :D Like being a kid in a candy store I tell you...especially the amazing discounts on rods at the Fishin Hole. A GL3 that I was looking at for 2 years for 40% off was just too much to pass up. Now I need to justify where I'm going to use it this year lol. :lol:

  4. Yes! Last time I was there, there were a lot of huge snails like you said. And yea, in the summer, the algae is insane out there.


    P.S. Don't belly boat at Lamont Pond in the summer without wearing waders... :whootwhoo: That was the worst case of the itch I have ever had lol...stupid me :beating:

  5. weedy: I can't remember the exact deepest spots, but we did take the fish finders out on there before. If I was going from memory, the deepest spots were around 24 ft deep. If you walk along the shorelines, and also check on your fish finder, the structure of the bottom changes from one end of the pond to the other. Certain areas are more prone to certain food items that the big trout like. ;) Watch out for all the sticklebacks in the lake...it is overrun with them now it seems. Maybe that explains why the fishing has gotten even worse the last 2 years.

  6. We fly fished it for a few years. Fishing was always slow, but when you did catch the one or two a day, they would be big fat pigs in the 21-24" range. Tough fishing pond though...can't really say why. :unsure:

  7. I've heard stories from my parents, uncle, and grandparents of fishing Teepee Creek back in the 70's and 80's, and there were some massive bullies in there. They said the fishing declined though, and it was never the same due to forestry and too many meat fishermen on the creek. Sad... If only we could have the fishing back to the way it was in the province in the 70's (with the new regs though). The National Parks would be killer too.

  8. I have a couple copies of that book. Got one from my parents and one from my grandparents place lol. I enjoyed reading that book a couple of times just to see how the fishing was in JNP back then. Man I wish they still stocked some of the lakes in the park...that would kick some real a$$, just seeing the growth that the fish had in some of them.


    Dragon Troller: That's where I first saw some of your dad's patterns, and a little excerpt he had in there about a certain lake (I think it was Annette, but I could be wrong).

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