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  1. Did it I did. Although to avoid the inconvience of putting up with annoying 5 year olds that I don't know...I'm bringing my boat this year.
  2. "The Borgenator" hehe I like that. By the way....You didn't deliver on a few flies...I'm still waiting for the "Fire Flies"...
  3. The beatles? I was thinking more along the lines of Buddy Holly Ugh... Too many bad jokes in that head of mine...
  4. Will that be at the sportsman show? of the fishing hole show? Maybe thats what would help.... THough, it may just tell me to go back to spin casting or playing slo-pitch.... At the club, I think the 29th of March, although I could be wrong about the date
  5. I am pretty harsh when judging music, but I Enjoyed it.
  6. When you go into a meeting ask were you can find Vince, and he'll give you both membership forms, fill them out, hand them back with the membership fee, and have fun meeting some of the nicest and most generous people you'll meet(thats what I found for myself when I joined) (I hope I did a good job explaining it. )
  7. Even after your photoshoping, my Dads face is still redder then mine...
  8. Fisheries Enhancement Society of Alberta FESA Website
  9. You better be drinking it with me...I'm a paranoid person...
  10. Yep...I'll be there to collect my winnings
  11. So what fun stuff is happening tommorow night?
  12. I suspect we're gonna get a snow Jihad by March. Wait and see. What goes around... comes around. In fact... I'll be so bold to predict that Feb 3-5 when we go to Calgary is gonna be colder then a Witches.... ta ta for now. April 1st is going to be foggy....I love knowing all the farm weather predications...
  13. Thanks everybody, it was a good day!
  14. Anybody have any extra room, for this country kid, who will pay for half the gas.... PM me, or reply if you do have enough room, please.... -Ian
  15. Any update on when the trip is...I need to get out of my hometown, out of school, and out of the field before I lose it....And the cure is Grayling Fishing on the little smokey!
  16. Don, Please post those photos! Like I said I wasn't completly done with it, but I was going to put felt lining on it. I tried it with this furniture padding stuff we have, but I thought it was too stiff. Thanks! -Ian
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