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  1. I dont mind the show, they do get to fish in some real cool locations, I was just razzing you all because I would love to be in there place too, fishing for a living. I can not get upset over any one elese success. If they were extreem hotties, there would be complaints like "Dam she was wearing too much on that episode, Ice fishing in a bikini you would think they would flash a guy a little"
  2. Do I sense some jealosy there is nothing wrong with Shelly and Coutrney!....................................................Except. I will leave it at that. As for wigs and the shaving dont you guys do that all the time? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. I have seen that a few of you are doing up some Stamp/fly showcase peice, I was just letting you all know that there is going to be 4 stamps comming out Feb,4,05. Check the P.O. for details. They are 4 Canadian flies. I think a member here tied one of them.
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    I see that I graduated again, cool
  5. Cool, I'm glad you guys are catching.It was -9 cel. here yesterday and only a few miles away it was +5 cel. We are going to check the ice today. The River I fish is tidal and will not freeze and can be fished all year any time with out a licence as it is considered "Salt water". Part of the river anyway, ther are Browns and Rainbows, in this part. The River Has a population of Speckled but I have never caught one through this section.It looks like it is going to be a nice day so I think Im going to the river armed with a couple of streamers, and a box full of nymphs. By the way What were you using? I have been working on a "Jigging Type Fly" I have not tested it but hpoe to soon. I'll let you know how it works.
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    48 cm

    Spent the day with a shovel, we got hit prety hard. the driveway is now clear, and Im going to watch the Canadian Juniors win another hockey game :lol: . My freinds son plays on the Kentville Canadians, house leauge hockey. He is 11 and scored his first goal today. We play in the driveway, I tend nets and make it hard for him to score, it has payed off. By the way I'm 41 and it doesnt take long for me to be worn out. I like it though
  7. I was not sure about the foam neck reinfourcement but after wearing it a few times I like it and it helps to hold up a shirt collar when a wind comes from no where and you have no hood.I just wish it had a zipper instead of the snap thing
  8. How about Flytyingforum.com, all kinds of info,patterns and tying tips from a large group of experinced tiers. The Department of Natural Resources,The Department Of Fisheries and Oceans, any and all of the other Flytying and Fishing Magazines, The local Library and book stores, Canadian Tire,Wallmart and all the other Craft Stores, where tyers get some of the "other" tying materials.The Local Weather Report These are just some ideas, there are mant tyers that have web pages that are full of info that you probally Know more about than I do.
  9. When I try to access this site I punch in www.NLFT.org,I get the home page,I think. The only way I can access this site is to go to information for new users then I go to access forum then log in.I do not own a computer and use a few differnt ones am I doing someting wrong or is there a simpler way to gain access
  10. I dont undestand what spell checker,serious is this computer talk or a forum joke.I am new to bowth
  11. keep up the good work,that one was cool.
  12. Now a chromie cool.How close are most of you guys from the moutians and can you see them?(B.C.) do any of you guys go there to fish, Fresh or Salt?
  13. I got a cheap vest out of Crappy Tire, Crystal River I think.I was given one for x-mas abbout ten years ago and it to "died". I am happy with my new one I think it was arround $60.00. If you have not gone ahead and bought one yet have a look at good old C.T.
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    If that link is what fishing out west is like.........well Im already packed.
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    I dont know how any one living in Canada can call BEER such names.Maybe you should try an american beer and see how good Canadians realy got it
  16. If you look in the latest issue you will see a llittle article called war of the worms.That is what I do for a living.I have been trying to post this information here and on another forum (Fly Tying Forum.com) but have no luck.Does any one have any suggestions. Does any one here watch The Trailer Park Boys, on showcase? If so what do you think of it?
  17. Things just keep getting better!
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    I dont know what this means
  19. I am new here and glad to be a member, it seems that this forum is also fairly new and I hope being from the east will not affect anything. There is some real cool spots to fish here Fresh and Salt and if any one is Interested in comming here I would be more than happy to show you arround. Where I live Is fairly close to the Minas Basin,10 minute drive tops.There are all kinds of species to fish for; Huge Strippers,Sturgeon,Hallibut,Haddock,Flounder ect. The Minas Basin is where the worlds highest and lowest tides occur.It has to be seen to realy uderstand. The tide goes out over 2&1/2 miles in some spots.When it comes in, there is more water pressure and volume than what is going over Niagra Falls. Most of the rivers that feed into the Basin are tidal rivers.They will be flowing into the basin,but at high tide the salt water will push up these rivers and change there direction of flow,or just flood them and stop to a dead stand still.Most of these rivers are full of big Brown, Speckeld and Rainbow Trout.There are a few remaing Salmon (Atlantic) runs.Many lakes full of Trout and Bass and Chain Pickerel.There are no Pike, Musky,Walleye or Largemouth. Once you Hook into a Large Stripper you will be "hooked" yourself. Keep this in mind because I would love to go on a float down the Bow within a year or two.
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    I am new here but how abbout a beer and fly swap, one of your favourite beers and one of your favourite, most productive flies. My freind moved from here(N.S.) to Manatobia,I had no problem sending him an Eight Pack of cans of Olands.Except that I only sent him one.At a later date I did manage to send him a mix of 4 Olands,and 4 Keiths.His girlfreind likes Keiths. +
  21. Thanks I was just curios,and glad to be a member
  22. I was just curios when this forum started?
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