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  1. Just a few comments in general re spawning channels : There was one operational one I know of at Two Lakes about 100kms south of Grande Prairie. It was used by Cutthroat at the time but I don't know if it is still in operation. You should contact the Grande Prairie or Peace River F&Wpeople ie Dave Walty for this. Your stocking program should use fish that have not been sterilized as most stock are now. The channel has to be in operation through spawning, incubation & some rearing to be successful. It has to be planned to include cleaning of the spawning material annually. I would talk to a knowledgeable biologist fairly early before commiting too much. Norm.
  2. Don : Threre is no doubt in my mind that these perch additions are intentional by idiots. The government people I know are just as upset with this as we are but don't have the answers to prevent it. Millers Lake underwent the same problem but we managed to get rid of them with a good winterkill. Fortunately the idiots have not returned yet. We have a new one now - crayfish ! Carson Lake is loaded with them to all sizes up to 5-6 inches. I have no doubt that is part of the reason for the stunted trout in this lake, besides heavy fishing of course. Norm.
  3. Re aeration project I can tell you what we have done on Millers Lake just west of Edson. The lake is 88 acres - we have run 1 & 2 aeraters different years with not a big difference in price. Two aeraters last year cost $ 1400 from October to April & it seems to vary around that amount pretty closely. Depending on temperature & snow depth you can almost reach critial O2s with 1 unit but you can pull down the temperature with 2 units in real cold weather. We opt for the 2 units cause we like the extra insurance. We got seed money from ACA initially but Sundance Forest Industries has covered the operating costs[ electrical ] every year todate. Anything else - just ask - it's been a very successful project. Norm.
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    Hi : Just checking in but feel I have met many of you as I have been affiliated with Trout Unlimited for quite awhile now. I will likely be very quiet as I am no great shakes on the computer & live on the McLeod River just out of Edson. Look forward to talking with you. Norm.
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