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  1. Is there still opportunity available for any help on this project? I will send an email aswell. Thanks
  2. So does anyone have a better map than what I can find. Anything I find is hard to keep an eye on small creeks and I eventually loose sight of what I am trying to find. Thanks again
  3. I will be there on saturday. Ive only ever seen one small area of the dismal and its off of a lease road. Can someone point me in the right direction to have a good first experience with this beautiful river.
  4. I keep seeing DC10, and DC2 all over posts. I know they are referring to sections of Dismal creek. But is there a map of these sections or an easy rule of thumb? By the way I'm new here. Alan Ritchie is my name. Live half way between Lodgepole and Drayton Valley and always looking to go fishing. Thanks in advance.
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