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  1. I haven't got onto the site in a long time but glad i did today, great to hear this change is coming! It's not too late if you look at some of the grayling recoveries in other drainages, here's hoping it helps with the recovery efforts.
  2. You guys wont regret the hike up! Fantastic little fishery with fish that can be willing one minute then unrealistically frustrating the next. I didn't make it up last year due to health issues but had it down to a 50 minute hike a few years ago. Don't forget to make noise on the way up and have a bearspray on hand. Some very surprising hatches up there in my experience, lots of food around in the summer.
  3. Looks awesome guys! Hope the grayling show up somewhere.
  4. I do realize they are in a different drainage, I have just been driving over those creeks daily so noting water levels throughout the summer. Il send you a message for a data sheet as I don't mind letting you know what I catch within your study area. I have spent some time on the Pembina River, a little tributary to the Pembina, and the Lovett this year but have not caught any grayling. Not sure how much more ill get out but its worth a try. Sure a lot of whitefish and brook trout to be caught down that way!
  5. The weather has been awful this year! So much rain and so many summer "freshets". The creeks in the Erith and Embarras drainages are only getting back to normal levels today after the last storm and it looks like another is brewing. Hope August behaves a bit better. I never did get details on doing some sampling on my own out here but with the way this summer weather has gone it's a lost cause for me anyways. Good luck to you all!
  6. Ill be working that weekend as of right now but if plans change id really like to come out and see whats going on.
  7. Very interesting there werent any local fish movements whatsoever. There's so many creeks in that area that appear to have such beautiful habitat yet no significant fish populations. Hopefully data points like this will be beneficial in helping turn that around in the future.
  8. Too bad nothing was caught, i guess that provides data just the same though. Any suckers or other fish make it through the trap?
  9. Im hoping time will allow to come help out with the survey but we will see how busy the summer is. Last year all my fishing had to be done over the shoulder seasons but time will tell. Spring wise, simply amazing how it caught up. I head out to cadomin every spring around this time and this is the most melted its been in 5+ years, 2 weeks ago it was about as frozen as it gets and we figured it was going to be a very late spring. Odd weather but ill take it.
  10. Good evening, figured a few guys may like to know the ice is gone in the Pit 35 lake area as of Friday May 10th (south of Robb). I had too many chores to do and didn't get to fish but there was one belly boat out so it looks as though spring caught up fast. I would think most of the lakes are good to go but i did not have time to check the other ones so cant confirm anything.
  11. Sounds like an awesome presentation with some great insight into the future of stocking in Alberta. If they ever have some tigers ready for stocking it could be a great tool in perch and sucker control in many lakes. If test lakes are needed, I'm sure they could find a few empty ones on the Coal Valley Mine that would grow some great fish to begin with. If they grow 10 pound rainbows i cant see why tigers wouldn't get nice and big as well. I fish a few lakes with multiple species and really enjoy it, I've seen 6 species of salmonid all caught from the same point on one southern lake (whites, bows, cutties, lakers, brookies, and a brown) and it really adds to the experience.
  12. Looking around a bit i must say the collection of fly tying patterns and methods is incredible, gave me a few great ideas which i look forward to testing out in the Coal Branch next summer. Appreciate the warm welcome, really great to see a club with such a diversity of ideas of projects on the go.
  13. I will see how time goes this spring/summer, i work in the field but not too far away so with a little luck i hope to help out in some way.
  14. albertatrout


    Hello all, new member here, looks like a great little group. I'm a TU member but not directly with the NLFT chapter. Been following the grayling project closely and was impressed enough i joined up to follow whats going and and find out if there's a way i can contribute to the efforts in the future. I have been fly fishing for around 15 years, frequent areas south of the Oldman and also most of the rivers and lakes in the upper Pembina and McLeod drainages (have a cabin up there). Hopefully i can contribute something and look forward to reading through the forum.
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