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  1. Rod the fish count on that trip goes like this Young Ben hooked 4 landed 1 Garry hooked 4 landed 3
  2. Michael a lot easier to handle the winters if a guy can go fishing
  3. I know a few members on this site I think Ive been a member since 1998 I moved to the island 3 1/2 years ago and getting my way around Posting some steelhead pics and salmon
  4. Hey rod R u getting out some , I'm in Alberta tell Tuesday then heading home it's to cold here in Alberta lol
  5. I buy lots of equipment from Courtney If. U r intrested I can take u out fishing sometime The little q can be a gong show with the snaggers I like fishing the estuAry. We beach fish quite abit
  6. Nanaimo isn't far from me. I'm at qualicum I've been here for two years. I'm usually out Fishing 3 times a week I joined a local forum Called PNW great bunch of guys
  7. Pierre u on Facebook add me if u r
  8. Pierre That's all I carry is my iPhone When u coming to do some fishing
  9. Michael I get to fish open water all year The bass flyfishing is a blast luv the fight The pink salmon is the high number of fish I've caught fishing for salmon The springs r crazy on a flyrod. Kinda messed up this year with most rivers closed Going oh be heading north island for coho soon Salmon fishing goes until November. Then after the steelhead. Which r hard to catch out here Hopefully get some lake fishing to
  10. I haven't been on this site for awhile. I moved to Vancouver island over a year ago. Needless to say I've lost touch a little bit on what's going on in Alberta Life has been good for me out here. It has it challenges Trying to find new places to fish. For most people r friendly But when it comes to steelhead it like they have taken a oath To say nothing to a albertian. Needless to say I have put the Miles on but it is starting to reward me So if u guys r out this way drop me a line. Always open to fishing Garry
  11. anybody on here going i live just outsie red deer and dont' know my way around calgary would like to go with someone........let me know......i don't mind driving so u could drive to here and i would drive the rest of the way
  12. The Steelhead havn't shown up in the rivers yet, they need some rain to drive them up the rivers
  13. 250 to 3000 % is a little low you would want at least 10% browns or 15 % is even better..........but some is better then none.
  14. http://www.ab-conservation.com/go/default/index.cfm/aca/proposed-angling-levy-increase/background/
  15. I have both and i like both for different reasons.........any distant walking in take the pontton float tube and if close use the pontoon boat.......also i have a electric motor for the pontoon boat in case i have to use it.....the pontoon float tube is more comfortable
  16. Simon gagne......that is a name a few will reconize, i know Don Anderson knows who he is. Simon use to live in Red Deer in the 80's and he moved back to Quebec where he was guiding if i am not mistaken....he was a very talented angler
  17. They are in the hinton area from west of hinton been seen at a few lakes but have moved on to other ones and have showed up north on the willow creek road and have moved on guessing further north they have shown up at the luscar mines to
  18. I bought my first sonar in 1982 and all it was a a screen and a red light flashing henced called them flashers........i have been usuing a sonnar in a tube for probably 12 years plus.........over the years i have learnt that for a tube all u need is a cheap one like the one i have now which was like $129 at cnd tire.......i use it for finding the shelves and the depth of the lake...it is nice when u do mark fish on it but not the use for me.....the battery i use is a closed cell from battery world over by labatts brewery cost me $15 and lasted like 6 or 7 years and it is nice and light.......i feel naked if i don't have my sonnar on my tube....just my 2 cents
  19. I fish with either my sink 3 or sink 6 line and think that is most of the time sink 6 and i would think that is the reason i catch bigger fish......keeps it away from the smaller ones. I do use my sink 2 on occasion mostly when action is fierce close to the surface like good backswimmer action or when chromnoids r hatching....if i had one choice to have over any other and u r fishing in a tube it would be a sink 6.......sorry fellows just what works for me
  20. Sorry to seem like i am just blaming them with out any knowledge on what they r doing , but i have been trying to get them to do this project years ago and i am very aware of what they reactions on this project has been and i know that there r good wildlife officers and biologists out there.......on this project i really think that we have on indivual that is hammering it all.........just one mans opinion.........could be wrong
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