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  1. Rod the fish count on that trip goes like this Young Ben hooked 4 landed 1 Garry hooked 4 landed 3
  2. Michael a lot easier to handle the winters if a guy can go fishing
  3. I know a few members on this site I think Ive been a member since 1998 I moved to the island 3 1/2 years ago and getting my way around Posting some steelhead pics and salmon
  4. Hey rod R u getting out some , I'm in Alberta tell Tuesday then heading home it's to cold here in Alberta lol
  5. I buy lots of equipment from Courtney If. U r intrested I can take u out fishing sometime The little q can be a gong show with the snaggers I like fishing the estuAry. We beach fish quite abit
  6. Nanaimo isn't far from me. I'm at qualicum I've been here for two years. I'm usually out Fishing 3 times a week I joined a local forum Called PNW great bunch of guys
  7. Pierre u on Facebook add me if u r
  8. Pierre That's all I carry is my iPhone When u coming to do some fishing
  9. Michael I get to fish open water all year The bass flyfishing is a blast luv the fight The pink salmon is the high number of fish I've caught fishing for salmon The springs r crazy on a flyrod. Kinda messed up this year with most rivers closed Going oh be heading north island for coho soon Salmon fishing goes until November. Then after the steelhead. Which r hard to catch out here Hopefully get some lake fishing to
  10. I haven't been on this site for awhile. I moved to Vancouver island over a year ago. Needless to say I've lost touch a little bit on what's going on in Alberta Life has been good for me out here. It has it challenges Trying to find new places to fish. For most people r friendly But when it comes to steelhead it like they have taken a oath To say nothing to a albertian. Needless to say I have put the Miles on but it is starting to reward me So if u guys r out this way drop me a line. Always open to fishing Garry
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