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  1. So far, Scott Short and I, David Parker are planning on being in attendance. Overall sounds like a great idea. The way I read your post, we have to book a site with the contact listed. Your other ideas are really exciting, refreshments, fly swap, lies..... David Parker Please provide me with your phone number and any other details which I should have.
  2. Received the following email from Don Andersen on Wednesday morning. Read this to the gathering on Wed. night but need to repeat it here for anyone who is interested in getting together to discuss, enthuse, get more info. on bamboo rod building techniques and methods. Any problems reading the email or understanding content, please contact me. In any case, Don and I would like to have the names of all prospective attendees to any gathering whether the decision is to book a space, camp-out or delay for a year. Thanks. David Parker Fw_ Proposed Bamboo Gathering in Alberta.txt
  3. Alberta Bamboo Rod Meeting.txtJust received the following email from Don Andersen in Rocky Mountain House regarding a proposed upcoming get-together for Albertans building cane rods or just interested in bamboo in general. David Parker
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