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  1. Thanks for the info. I checked the new store out this morning. They actually have a reasonably good selection of fly tying materials - more than at the North side store. This will be a handy store for me.
  2. Check out the great pictures and videos at the web site for the new "Catch Magazine" http://www.catchmagazine.net/
  3. Well, that was a great day of casting instruction. My thanks to Dave, Rick and the rest of the volunteer instructors. I have a lot to work on, but now I have lots of ideas of what and how to improve my casting. Regards, Siwash
  4. Thanks for the information, Scratch. The GPS 60 series indicate that battery life will be between 28 and 30 hours on two AA batteries. Do you think that is realistic? It is going to be a tough call for me matching all of the features that I like (on another electronic product that will be considered obsolete in two years) against a reasonable budget. Regards, siwash
  5. Hey Scratch I enjoyed your presentation on Wednesday. I am in the market for my first GPS, and have a couple of questions: - Could you recommend any useful websites about GPS? - What stores in Edmonton are worth shopping at for GPS? - Checking out the units available in my Cabela's catalogue, they refer to WAAS - what is this, and do I need this feature (I plan to use the unit for hiking, fishing, driving, bicycling) - Is a color display worth the extra price? - The various units quote different built-in and expanded memory capacities. How much do you need for a mapping unit with a topographical map / road map installed? Thanks for the help, siwash
  6. I also like Strubel and Mitchell lakes by Rocky Mountain House. Slightly bigger fish in Strubel, fewer boats in Mitchell.
  7. I went to the beginners casting seminar on Saturday. It was a steal of a deal for $5 for a day of casting instruction. My thanks to Brian Hepperle, and the club members who helped out with the instruction (Brian, Dave, Ron and Barry if I got the names right). There seemed to be about 15 or so people there to take the class, and we split up into beginners and intermediate groups. I learned a fair bit, and got some good corrections for some of my bad casting habits. Regards, Siwash
  8. I have to echo Dave’s comments. The Intermediate Tying seminar on Saturday was the sort of learning experience I joined the club for. Although I was a bit worried after Dennis’ comments on Wednesday, everything turned out well. I thought the instructors, Dennis, Dave R. and Scratch did a great job covering the topics. That was the first time I tied an extended body fly that looked half decent. Thanks also to Brian B. for organizing the material, and keeping the instructors on topic. The facility was great, so thanks to Rena and St. Jo’s for that. There was a good mix of experienced folks and students, and I appreciated the helpful advice from Dave and Dan. I got a kick out of watching the “happy weaver” at work in the afternoon session. Good fun. Regards, Jon
  9. At the meeting last Wednesday there were 5 or 6 people who said they were coming, including me. I always wanted to learn how to do the extended bodies and weaving.
  10. R B Thanks for the tip to Google Books. It took me a day to get my Google account activated, but now I am in business (although they seem to be having some problems at Google, judging by the number of times they say that the service is unavailable due to virus attack) The service is a great way to check out books. As it happens, I was thinking of getting Mike Lawson's book on Spring Creeks. Lots of good stuff inside, but is seems to be mostly in black and white for the pictures and illustrations. Do you know if Google scans all the color pages in color, or to they simplify and scan some color pages in black and white? Looking forward to the pyro-works tonite, siwash
  11. Thanks Dennis - I will make sure I am there to hear about it.
  12. Has it been decided yet when and where the Intermediate fly tying session will be? I missed the business portion of the meeting on the 16th, although I caught Phil Rowley's tying demo, which was great. Thanks
  13. Although I usually manage to get a length for the fish I catch in my tube (using the markings on the apron), I don’t weigh them. So, based solely on the pictures of brown trout provided in the article at different stages of health, and translating that to rainbow trout, I would rate the trout I have caught at Muir as Good to Excellent on that scale. That would mean a k-factor of about 1.5. siwash
  14. Thanks for the advice folks. I will definitely bring a flashlight next time I am out tubing late (I was thinking of a Petzl headlamp), and I will check out a the other options mentioned as well. siwash
  15. I was fishing Summit Lake in BC on the family vacation, and as usual I ended staying out on the lake in my float tube way after the sun had gone down. I heard a power boat start up down the lake, then head towards where I was. I realized I didn’t even have a flashlight to wave to show where I was in the dark. There followed a period where I kicked hard to get out of the way while listening to the motor sound getting louder and louder. Thankfully, I made it to shore before the boat went by. I was wondering what others do to be visible in your float tube after dark? Thanks, siwash
  16. I also enjoyed the morning tie-along portion of the intermediate fly tying seminar. Everyone there was generous with materials and advice. The afternoon of the seminar went well. Jeremy demonstrated 6 flies (Floating Evil Weevil, Stoned Prince, Red Devil, Thorax Caddis Mayfly, Purple Lighting Stone and the Stalker, if I can read my notes correctly). The Stoned Prince looked like a good pattern – I will tie some up once I get the materials. All the patterns for the day are at Jeremy's web site at Jeremy's web site Jeremy closed with a speed tie of the Evil Weevil, which took just under 2 minutes. I enjoyed the day, and appreciated the efforts of Jeremy and the club members who organized the seminar. Regards, siwash
  17. I am looking forward to the Fly Tying seminar on the 30th. What patterns will Jeremy be tying? I haven't been to one of these events before. Is it worth it to try to chase down all of the materials on the list in Wooly's message, or can I get by with the stuff I have, and substitutes? Thanks, Siwash
  18. Can someone kindly clarify the topic for this Wednesday's Meeting (March 9th) - is it the one listed in the newsletter as "March 13th" Topic: Muir Lake Presenter: Jim O’Neil Comments: Jim is a fisheries biologist working in the private sector. He was instrumental in helping us identify, set up promote and monitor the fishery at Muir Lake. Jim will give us some insights into why Muir Lake was chosen and what we can expect of the fishery in the future.t the one listed as Thanks, Siwash
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