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  1. Some suggestions from the Flies For Alberta book, and some others, Scuds (Scud Missile) Dragonfly nymph, gomphus (Sulphur Dragon) Dragonfly nymph, darner (Alexander Special, TU Special) Damselfly nymph (Kara Damsel, '52 Buick) Chironomid larva (Swimming San Juan) Minnows, Fathead Minnow (Blue Carey, Carey Special) Minnows, Brook Stickleback (Kilburn Killer) Caddis Larva (Zug Bug) Leeches (Woolly Bugger)
  2. Looks like Roy reached out to my brother, thanks to anyone who passed on the message.
  3. Hi Everyone, My brother Ian and myself are looking for contact information for Roy Ramdeen. I know he used to be a member here but not sure of his handle I think it was "flyfish". Does anyone have his contact info? We are wanting to speak with him about a book he co-authored many years ago. Thanks. Shan Denny
  4. This is what our "Government" decided to cut... https://albertaparks.ca/news-events/?fbclid=IwAR2WFDUKQNBWBRKjo8oVttc8aNDK7cafzSeWnjGXDcqMOx4i5zv-z2TTj_c Unfortunately my ultimate favorite campground in northern Alberta, which has basically no services, other than outhouse cleaning is now closed to public access. Time to move! Sure wish there was a way to fight this B.S.
  5. Add a stinger hook and it should last longer.
  6. Thanks to a tip from and eBay shopper I have determined these hooks to be Eagle Claw 1197G hooks. FYI Thanks for looking if you did.
  7. Thanks Michael, I think they are close to the 7970, but they seem to be lighter with a less pronounce bend, I have an old Mustad sample book and they are close but no cigar!
  8. Hello Folks, I am writing this post to request your assistance in identifying the gold hooks in the pictures attached. The bronze hook is a Mustad 9671 #2 for reference. If anyone knows, or can give me some information which might enable me to find out, it would be much appreciated. They appear to be 2X long and perhaps 2X heavy as well? They look like Mustad's to me, but they may be a different brand. Any Ideas? Thanks for any input
  9. For those that don't have it. Kara Damsel Reg Denny.pdf
  10. Sad news, my condolences to his family, 52 is far too young.
  11. Ah I see, I've never fished the lake only swam at the beach when I was a kid. If there is a public path to the lake, then Spring has similar access to many lakes that are walk in only and stocked. Sardine and east pit come to mind, as well as others that are surrounded by private land with only limited access such as Shemeluck. I can see why you would be miffed if you were threatened but not sure you can blame the ACA for that, however the ACA may well be to blame for the fact that there are limited areas close to Edmonton to fish for decent trout now. I personally think they should stock less fish, and put more dollars into water retention and recovery and grow less fish faster and bigger but I'm a sucker for a big rainbow! If many of the lakes had more water and less phosphorous we would be better off and wouldn't need to pump air. perhaps we should pump water not air?
  12. That's pretty darn generous for them to foot the bill.....ACA dollars going to a lake that not everyone can fish. Just awesome. J Hmm, Jokey, why can't everyone fish Spring Lake? To my knowledge it's not a private lake, but perhaps I am mistaken?
  13. Hey Jokey, I would gladly update you on both, after I have a few meetings under my belt. There was a fairly large turn out at NLFF on Wednesday to hear the TU CEO speak.
  14. Thanks Peter, Yes, a bad week I'm sure! Last night was a little much! Ah well, hopefully no such shenanigans tonight! Hope to see you later. Regards, Shan
  15. Hi All, Long time no see, I am thinking about joining NLFF again, and as well the Edmonton Trout Club. I was wondering if anyone here knows what the turn outs are like for the meetings for either club. Its been along time since I attended the NLFF meetings and I have never been a member of the Trout Club so I really have no info about it. I'm thinking about attending both this week and purchasing and renewing membership. But I don't even know if the trout club still meets and there is no agenda posted anywhere. I see that NLFF is still meeting. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. This is a bit depressing, but thanks for the info.
  17. Been around but I have another commitments on Wednesdays that prevent me from going to meetings. I also took up music which consumes most of my free time.
  18. I use a measure net, mesh. I love it, its a bit heavy when wet but I still like it and its telescopic so its versitile. I have never used a rubber one except many years ago and I did not like it.
  19. FYI, I miss Denny's too! Regarding online stuff, Its true mail order was a huge part of the original busness. Then came the Internet, that model was tried by Ian & Deb as well but shipping products such as capes and hides to anywhere outside of Canada has some major issues. It can be done but it is cumbersome at best. I think a similar specialty shop has merrit but it would be a whole lot of work, requiring a whole lot of passion to make a modest proffit. This is something my parents knew, they both worked very hard and were passionate at what they worked on. They made money yes, but it was suplimentary income. There is room for specialty shops in most business areas, but very few make big money doing it.
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