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  1. So Hank, Where did you go and how did you make out? Kind regards, Robin
  2. Hank, I would probably start with Wedge Pond for some Greyling in the morning, then move to the Upper Bow in the afternoon for some Whitefish and Trout. Don't worry about the 'productive spots' on the Bow. There is plenty of access and finding fishy water is not that difficult up there. Also, you could call the guys at Fish Tales in Calgary ... they might have some small stream info for you. Kind regards, Robin
  3. Sound advice, Dennis & Ranger Bob. Gravity Orange, if I was going to offer any supplemental advice it would be to find a well lit desk to hone your craft. Robin
  4. Aaron, Come on down to Campbell River on Vancouver Island! The river is thick with Coho and Chinook. Beach casting has also produced good numbers of Northern Coho (most of them are in the mid-teens). I've been meaning to post some reports, but haven't had the time since I moved down here (I've been too busy fishing after work 5 days per week!). I saw your post from the land of Aus and geographic vicinity; seems like you had a great time. How is the fishery regulated over there? Is it well managed? Are there restrictions? Seasons? Limits? Et cetera. Robin PS - If you ever make it to the Island, drop me a line. rmm.
  5. Dave, No, unfourtunately, on both fronts. I'm leaving TELUS to pursue another career option and Leslie will be based out of Prince George until she can get a suitable transfer to the Island (hopefully Nanaimo). I'll continue to lurk on this site an post the odd fishing report from the Island. Incidentally, when I arrive there, the Pink run starts followed in short order by Coho and Steelhead. I also have my eyes on a nice used row boat to throw on the salt once in a while for those big Chinooks.
  6. Getting married. Honeymooning in Prince Rupert, Terrace, and Smithers areas. Moving to Campbell River on the Island! That's enough for me this summer.
  7. PaulF, very effective use of the precautionary principle. Your deductive reasoning is absolutely right: fish farms raise domestic fish for consumption. However, the open net pens the salmon are raised in do nothing to protect the marine ecosystem; for example, uneaten food and feces free fall through the pens and accumulate in tonnes on the ocean floor. That is just one example; its not a pretty picture. FYI, here are some links - with a few ‘heavy hitters’ - so you can read up about some issues facing the global aquaculture industry. Of course, I am completely biasing the sample. Nevertheless, if you find some science disproving the claims of Nature, the David Suzuki Foundation, UBCIC, and the Sierra Legal Defence Fund, I would love to see it. http://www.cbc.ca/disclosure/archives/0302...almon/main.html http://www.wildernesscommittee.org/campaig...licy/fish_farms http://www.wildcanada.net/farmedanddangerous/fax.asp http://www.nature.com/news/2005/050620/full/4351014b.html http://www.davidsuzuki.org/Campaigns_and_P...ure03290501.asp http://www.ubcic.bc.ca/issues/fishfarms/ http://www.greenpeace.ca/e/gallery/view_al...bumName=album02 http://www.thetyee.ca/News/2005/05/12/Fish...csTrumpScience/ http://www.sierralegal.org/issue/fish_farms_expansion.html http://www.ecoserve.ie/projects/sealice/ http://www.fanweb.org/fishfarms/ http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto...Story/National/ http://www.davidsuzuki.org/Oceans/Aquacult...n/Pollution.asp http://www.raincoast.org/aquaculture/ This is another fisheries conservation issue people should be aware of. I'm just doing my part to raise awareness as a conervationist, concerned angler and steward. Don't eat farmed salmon and don't feed it to your children! Robin PS - This is from the BCFFF newsletter: Alexandra Morton Receives Totem Fly Fishers’ Prestigious Roderick Haig- Brown Award This message from Craig Orr to his fellow club members: I finally caught up with Alex Morton last week in Sointula and presented her our [Roderick] Haig-Brown Award. I enclose a photo of a happy Alex, and will bring others to a future meeting. She reiterated how pleased she was to receive this honor, and said that the timing couldn't have been better. She had been under attack by salmon farm supporters, and word of the Haig- Brown Award--carried in at least two newspapers and two radio interviews—really bolstered her spirits. She had neighbors congratulating her, and people in Port McNeill walking up and shaking her hand. Alex also mentioned she had two more scientific papers on sea lice and salmon accepted in major journals in the past week. No Canadian government research from the Broughtons has yet been published, but the denial is still flowing freely. Craig Orr
  8. Wild Skeena Salmon need our support. Please visit the www.SaveOurSkeenaSalmon.org website and sign the petition to keep fishfarms out of the Skeea River Estuary! If you are concerned about fish farms and their catastrophic, destructive nature on marine ecosystems and if you are concerned about the famed salmon / steelhead runs on the Skeena river and her tribs, you should consider signing the petition. If you need more information about aquaculture on the BC coast, read 'A Stain Upon the Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming'. Alexandra Morten paints an eye-opening, gut-wrenching picture of aquaculture in the Broughton Archipellago. Robin
  9. We've fished Dragon many times and have found that it is either feast or famine. Dragon lake is in the city of Quesnel in the central interior. It's about a 1.5 hour drive to the lake from Prince George. Spring and Fall are the best times to fish this lake. We use micro leeches in maroon and black, chironomids in the spring, and big darner and gomphus dragons in the fall. In the fall, we usually cast into the weeds and slowly retrieve line until the 3-5 pounders (on average) get interested. ABH is absolutely correct, the Dragon lake rainbows put up a great tussle. Let me know if you want any more info on Dragon or any other lakes in the central/northern interior or north coast river systems. Robin
  10. Hmm ... I don't know what set of regs you guys picked this from, but I can tell you that in BC, it's single barbless in all streams and rivers regardless of hook size. http://wlapwww.gov.bc.ca/fw/fish/pdf/provi...regulations.pdf see page 14 cheers!
  11. JS, I am most definately interested in drifting down the river this summer. I'd also like to see your drift boat schematics; when I move back to BC I'm going to build one as well ... you can't beat them for the Kalum and Kitimat rivers. I'll give you a call next week and we can go for lunch. Cheers! Robin
  12. JS and Inconnu, Yes, the preface to A Stain Upon the Sea is penned by DS. He introduces the concepts of oceanic ecosystem conservation and fisheries sustainability before introducing the essays. One of his many talents lies in being able to capture and illustrate complex ecological systems to the masses; to adequately address systems and relationships without 'dummbing' them down. Here are some additional reports to browse for future written ammunition: Closing in on environmentally sound aquaculture: A fresh look at the economics of closed-containment systems http://www.davidsuzuki.org/files/Oceans/Pe...s_April2005.pdf[/url] Sustainable Shellfish – recommendations for responsible aquaculture http://www.davidsuzuki.org/files/Oceans/Shellfish.pdf New Report on Sea Lice in the Broughton Archipelago http://www.davidsuzuki.org/files/Oceans/Pi...full_report.pdf I highly recommend checking out http://www.davidsuzuki.org as it is devoted to some pretty interesting conservation science. I am in the process of ordering some reports from the DSF, I can order some additional copies if people are interested. Robin
  13. No problem. We should go for lunch week after next; I'm pretty sure I'll be in town M-W, then I'll be in Calgary. Robin
  14. JS, Try this one or give David at Fish Tales a call (403)640-1273. He can probably hook you up with a shuttle service. Louise Shotton Shuttle Service for the Bow River 4604 26 St. N.W. Calgary, Ab T2L 1P6 Canada Primary Phone: 1(403) 282-5071 Secondary Phone: 1 (403) 818-1625
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