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  1. Last week I made a trip to stauffer, and although I didn't have much luck it was a rewarding day as I saw 3 huge brown trout. They each were well over 20". Between pretty much crawling up to pools and trying to not lose all my flies in trees I was able to get some chases on streamers. But it wasn't meant to be with no hookups. This week I plan on going back, but this time in the evening and into dark. I've heard a ton about how browns are nocturnal and it can be the best time to fish them. But I've never attempted it, nor have much experience with Browns of this size. Anyone have any advice for me attempting my first night fish? I am curious if I should be going bigger? Mouse, frog, big streamers? Also I'm a little unsure on the legalities of using a light. If I wear a headlamp to help me see where I'm casting is this illegal. From what I read only light allowed must be attached to hook or line. I do not want break any regs on this trip. This river has nearly broken me many times, but last trip left me optimistic I am starting to figure it out a bit. Thanks, Oizo
  2. I would love 2 bags. I will not be at the seminar though. Any way I could meet someone to get it? Might be to late now,
  3. Me and a couple buddy's are looking at floating a portion of the Clearwater next week. My one buddy has a 9.5 foot C-wave with 30 pd thrust electric, which we are planning to use to scamper down from pool to pool. None of us have much experience on doing a float trip, or on this river. I do know the Clearwater can be a dangerous river, especially just past the Hwy #54 Bridge by Caroline. So we will not be putting in there. Can anyone give any advice on a good portion to float for a day trip? Has anyone done a float from the bridge near cut off creek to the trunk road ?? If so can it be done in 1 day? Thanks, Oizo
  4. Oizo


    Thanks Greg, I hope to be there. I might bring a friend as well who started tying with me. What sort of materials should we bring? Oizo
  5. Oizo


    Hello all, I'm new to the forum, and am not yet a member. I was told at the boat and sportsman show I think it was every Wednesday evening, you guys get together and tie fly's. I'm in my first year of tying and would like to come out and learn some stuff. The gentleman wrote down some info on a piece of paper but I lost it. So where and when does this happen? Thanks, Oizo
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