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    An addiction to tying that keeps me healthy

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  1. Barry I can assure you that tying a wetfly on a size 6 is a lot easier,worlds apart even,than a size 10.
  2. let's hope for a lot of wind of some warmer temps at night
  3. tried to pm you,,not accepted?box full?
  4. I know you were, haha..but I wanted a confirmation. Everyone get the same opportunity….lol. oh confirmation Okay,thank-you,sorry....I would also like to CONFIRM I am an awesome flyfisherman and never loose any flies in trees and that my knots are always perfect. Can't wait for the Plate to be completed...gonna be a site that's for sure
  5. Hey what the heck I was done the day you posted who's tying what....no respect(dangerfield)
  7. That is a wonderful idea to have the beautiful German Trout in Muir.Not to excited about wanting to attract fisherman from other areas though,but that's just me. When the time comes you can sign me up for buying 100 fingerling Browns.PM me for contact.
  8. Put in the mail this morning Barry...good skills to ya
  9. Hey Barry, I have some 200 prs. of the Wood Duck if that will suffice for you.Also some claret hackle if you need.Not sure what goose your looking for?
  10. my 2 cents.....you want to improve a fishery?whatever that means-----ban sportfishing...no catch and release...no size limitations...the first fish you catch is the one you eat. Anything else is pure speculation...no matter how many years you went to school or how many books you've read. Myself,I fish how I want - where I want (legally) and obey nature's laws.
  11. Oh so YOUR the guy that does that...no wonder I stopped going to the local shops other than for thread.
  12. to think...I coulda been tying a fly rather than droning in front of that----at least the old boys joke was something
  13. Link wasn't opening...is it $300 per person or for the whole team?What are the prizes?
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