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  1. Getting big now Daniel. How's Mum doing? Ian
  2. welcome to the forum Shanksi if you have questions or concerns PM me and I'll do my best!

  3. Thanks Michael. I actually heard it recently at a funeral of an old friend who had fished for over 70 years and went the way he always wanted to , sitting on the river bank with a rod in his hand. Will miss our chats on the river Sandy my old friend, know your up there with the rod and a dram. Ian
  4. Hi Dan, In Scotland we fish for grayling mostly in the winter between November and February when the trout and salmon seasons are over. I have had most success using a centre pin reel and trotting with maggots although I also fish for them with the fly rod and weighted pink bugs seem to do the trick. My mates and I fish the river Earn here in the winter for grayling but over the last couple of seasons they have been having major problems with cormorants taking the fish and as the bird is a protected species they can't shoot them. The grayling over here can be very difficult to find but we find when the weather gets really cold they shoal up and if you get in amongst them can have a successful day. Love it when they put that big dorsal fin up and you struggle to move them. Ian
  5. Don't know who wrote it but my favourite Give me a rod of split bamboo, a rainy day and a fly or two, a mountain stream where the eddies play, and mists hang low o'er the winding way, Give me a haunt by the furling brook, A hidden spot in a mossy nook, No sound save hum of the drowsy bee, or lone bird's tap on the hollow tree. The world may roll with it's busy throng, And phantom scenes on it's way along, It's stocks may rise, or it's stocks may fall, Ah! What care I for it's baubles all? I cast my fly o'er the troubled rill, Luring the beauties by magic skill, With mind at rest and a heart at ease, And drink delight at the balmy breeze. A lusty trout to my glad surprise, Speckled and bright on the crest arise, Then splash and plunge in a dazzling whirl, Hope springs anew as the wavelets curl. Gracefully swinging from left to right, Action so gentle- motion so slight,. Tempting, enticing, on craft intent, Till yielding tip by the game is bent Drawing in slowly, then letting go Under the ripples where mosses grow Doubting my fortune, lost in a dream, Blessing the land of forest and stream.
  6. NIce guy Ulf and ties some lovely flies. Ian
  7. Hi Daniel, Didn't take much to hook Tony, just a nice bottle of Macallan.
  8. Hi All, My name is Ian and I'm from Glasgow in Scotland. I fish the river Clyde and river Avon for brown trout and grayling mostly. Hope to meet some new fly tying friends and by the looks of it meet up with some old friends as well. Ian
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