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  1. Hello, Is there going to be the yearly fund raiser this year?
  2. I've missed the last 2 years in a row so I really want to attend this year. I'm working in Calgary starting today. Is there anyway to get tickets by phone or at the door? Thanks, Andrew Petesky
  3. Awesome news for Muir! I think the amount of snow and likely more to come should also raise up the water levels once again. Those new browns will have some territory
  4. Hi there, I know it is early but how does one go about getting tickets for the upcoming silent auction on Nov. 9 Thanks!
  5. Thanks Ken! I'll plan to be there next Wednesday. Hopefully I can confirm and pick up the other 4 tickets as well. Cheers, Andrew
  6. Hello all. I'm wondering where I can get tickets for the upcoming silent auction NLFT event on the first weekend of Nov. It is always a great event and would like to be there this year. I need 2 tickets for sure and it is likely there will be another 4 people that I know that would be interested. Any help is appeciated. Thanks, Andrew Petesky
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