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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I was pretty much set on purchasing a membership a while ago. I like the work Trout Unlimited does and it seems like a good place to do some volunteer work that will help me out career wise as well as just being a plain old good thing to do. I actually had no idea there were any benefits to it aside from meeting other fly fishers, which is really enough in itself. I'll try to make it out to a meeting soon. As far as the goldeye go, thanks for the information. I'll head down there this spring and see if I can find some. Thanks again guys.
  2. I'd like to say this is my first post on here but I've been reading these forums for about 6 months. I've been spin casting on lakes since I was about 5 years old but only recently (last fall) have I attempted to move to fly fishing and river fishing in general. I'm already enrolled in your casting course at the end of May but I'm wondering if you guys have any books that you would recommend. I'm looking more for books that deal with entomology, fish behaviour and reading water than with the casting aspect of the sport (as I will be getting that from the course). Also, I was at the s
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