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  1. Quentin I will also check with my better half and a couple of buddies and see what we can come up with.


    Tight Lines Always

    Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:


    Excellent. Please let me know. "The Mrs" isn't fond of the idea of me fishing an icy river by myself.



  2. I like the New Zealan option...WOW is right! I think I'll work on developing that option. Tougher sell to the wife, though, as it isn't exactly a beer budget. But...then again, it shouldn't have much snow either!


    I think the Crow might be a good backup plan. I assume that's Crowsnest pass? Is it open and fishable the last week of March? I can't move the dates because they align with my forced vacation days...and the children's school break.



  3. Hey all,


    I haven't been around much at the meetings because my wife is away -- so I'm single-parenting. Fortunately, she gets back before Christmas, which is good, because there is a lot of cleaning to be done.


    But...onto my questions... For single-parenting, she owes me a fishing trip. The first set of good dates we have is March. Any ideas? The new Fly Fusion is out, so I looked up a Dean River trip...8K plus. Looked at Mexico....10K plus. Then, I tried to find my way around the internet to figure out the Bow. There are a lot of websites for guides! Is the Bow fishable in March?



  4. Hey all,


    I'm looking forward to the meetings starting up this week. In the meantime, I've been invited on a trip to one of the small lakes SW of Calgary that hosts Golden Trout. I'm excited! So far, google research has given me the idea that I need small dries and small nymphs.


    Have any of you experience with Golden trout, and are willing to share any secrets :):whootwhoo:


    Thanks in advance,



  5. Well, it seems that I don't know how to catch fish in Alberta. Pretty much skunked again today. Stauffer Creek is pretty, and seemed to be running very low. There were a few spots that were all but bogged with plants. We only saw a few, very small rises.


    We also tried the Red Deer River, above the Dam/lake. It's pretty...except for the motorboats running up and down it.


    I'd like to try again someday, particularly if someone's interested in showing me what I'm doing wrong!



  6. I've just been given leave to go fishing this coming Monday. I figure I'll head down to the Caroline area and maybe try the North Ram. I'm willing to discuss arrangements to bring someone along...especially if they are familiar with the area, as I am not. The basic plan would be to leave St. Albert around 0430, and leave Caroline area around 1430.



  7. I'd never seen anything like it, but when we spent a night in North Bay, they had one of their very common Mayfly hatches. They call them Shad Flies, but I don't think they have any shad.


    I would have taken my own pictures, but Mrs T. had recently lost our camera. The picture below is from Google, but it isn't an uncommon event there. We came out of a theatre, and in that two hours, there must have been a thousand new Mayflies hanging out on our car. It seems the locals are used to it, they recommend using a hose to get them off, because the wipers make a mess!


    May fly picture



  8. Thanks to all. I would love to go fishing with Barry White on the Bow. I met him briefly in April, and he seems to be a wonderful person. It's a bit pricey for just one person, though.


    I appreciate the recommendations. If I could get it coordinated with my wife, then I think I'd head to the Caroline area. I like the sound of the "Good bet" at Prarie. I take it that's a river? Perhaps someone would be willing to PM me a set of directions to an access point?


    Today, at Cabelas, we picked up some waders for my 10 yr old son. It's about time to take him out to have him learn to get eaten alive by bugs....err....to learn to imitate bugs for fishing :)



  9. Hi all,


    I've got a bit of an issue I'm hoping to get some help with. Don't worry, it isn't a rash, nor does it require a psycologist. I have this coming week off from work, and it will be my last, other than Christmas as March Break, until this time next year. I need to get some fishing done now, or I'm low on luck for the year.


    I'm considering heading down to the Bow for Wednesday/Thursday, but I'm completely unfamiliar with it. I have a SOT kayak, a float tube, and waders. Would I be able to make a decent day or day and a half on the Bow by wading? Would the Kayak be usable on the Bow?


    Similarly, I'm open for some ideas for day trips, with a preference to stream fishing, if you've got any suggestions. As I'm from Nova Scotia, you may need to spell out some of the details for me; essentially, treat me like a 6 year old when it comes to Alberta geography, etc.


    Any help or advice is appreciated. Further, if someone is interested in teaming up for a trip, I'm open to that as well.



  10. Thanks, guys. I'll be in Edmonton on the 15th of July, if all goes well.


    I'll try to get some tying done before I leave. Of course, there's an awful long honey-do list right now :/



  11. ...and with that...that is all the pictures taken today...if you compare the water levels with pictures taken of the previous years, I think that you will agree that the water levels have indeed risen a bit...the areas are also looking pretty green now too...now in the waiting mode to fish...

    ...enjoy the pictures...now back to :coffeetime: ...


    Dumb question from someone "from away": why do you have to wait to fish? The water level is up, and the lakes are legally open, yes?



  12. I'm counting the days till I leave for Edmonton. It seems I'll be living about 20 mins from Muir Lake. I did a bit of research, and it seems to be a very shallow lake, at 20' and under. What type of patterns do I need to start tying for Muir?


    I enjoyed the company, btw, at the meeting my wife and I made it to in March/April.



  13. If you hit towm early enough on the 9th, and your wife doesn't tie you down, drop by the club meeting to meet the guys.

    We start around 7pm and finish well before 9

    It's a free tie night so you'll have a chance to visit.

    Queen Mary Park Community Hall 10844 - 117th st.


    Thank you. I didn't see that listed on the Calendar. It looked like the meetings were on Wednesday nights, but nothing seems to be listed for April. What is the general calendar like: once a week, take a break during the summer, type of thing?



  14. Thanks for the welcome, Dennis. Wow, the seasonal opportunty is quite different than home. Mid-May to Mid-Oct is only five months! I fear that I am in for some cabin fever.


    I am not too picky of a fisherman, though I much prefer trout to "warm" water species. I've enjoyed Atlantic salmon and steelhead in the past. I have a kayak and a float tube for the lakes, but I enjoy a day wading a river a bit more. I don't mind a bit of a drive to go fishing, but of course I won't know where to start right away. Which reminds me to ask: what are the land ownership/trespassing issues and norms in Alberta? I haven't quite figured out Ont/Que, but we were blessed in Nova Scotia: It is legal to cross any "unimproved" property for the purposes of angling. In 90ish years we've had the law, it has appearantly never been challenged.


    As for April, I'm fairly certain my wife wouldn't let me take a full day to go fishing, when I'm supposed to be looking for a house with her. Maybe a couple of hours, if something was closer. :/ However, if a trip is being planned for Aug/Sept, I would be very interested in trying to join (pending availability, of course). Is it common to travel to BC for fishing?



  15. Hi all,


    I will be moving to Edmonton this summer, and figure it may be best to start getting ahead of the curve to learn my new fishing domain, and the fly fishing community that goes with it. I've been reading a bit on the fishing opportunities in the area, such as the Top 10 places around Edmonton article that was in the Canadian Fly Fisher magazine last year. But, somehow, I think reading alone will be enough. As a Maritimer (currently in Ottawa), I'm sure that there will be some new "norms" for me to get used to. I'm hoping the club will help me with those.


    I have a few basic questions, if you're willing:


    1) About when is ice-out on your local (within 60-90mins) lakes?


    2) Generally, when do they freeze?


    3) Are there any summer/autumn fishing opportunities that I'd need to start planning for now?


    4) If I'm in Edmonton in mid-April looking for a house, should I bring my fly-rod?



    I look forward to your answers, and thank you in advance. I also look forward to attending a meeting.



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