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  1. Quentin

    Hmm...do I Have To?

    That's pretty cool, actually. I might emulate that someday, though I'm not sure how well the Mrs. would take to having it on the mantle! QT
  2. Quentin

    Hmm...do I Have To?

    I don't think the picture of the dry showed up... Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is it we're looking at on the stone? Is that basically a souvenir of a trip? How'd you keep the stoneflies on it...and from rotting? QT
  3. Rome wasn't built in a day, gents... Learn some patience in your activities...you'll enjoy it more. QT
  4. Thanks for the map! I'm still hoping to get down there, but it won't be this week; it'll have to be "soon." QT
  5. Looking at the forecast, there's a few days late next week that are expected to be above 10C in Calgary. I'm seriously considering heading down for a day or two. Unfortunately, I don't know the river. If anyone has any advice, or plans to be there at that time, I'd be interested in discussing carpooling or joining up to fish. QT
  6. Nice. It's always good to see the law put one in the win column. QT
  7. <ul> <li>No, I've never heard of Angler's Art....but I'll look into it. Maybe there's a PVR in my future??</li> </ul> <p>Thanks for the link to flybc. That's a good looking fly <br /> <br /> QT</p>
  8. As my forum rank is "dragon fly nymph," I thought it might be appropriate to share this photo I took near Ottawa last summer. This was the largest dragonfly I'd ever seen; it was huge! That stump it is on is a good 7-8 inches across. Also note the nymphal shuck it is standing on. I haven't seen any patterns that quite imitate that....
  9. Hey all, I'm looking for a good balanced leech pattern. I've balanced up a dozen hooks, but now I can't find a pattern that I like. I googled "balanced leech pattern" and came up with a few; one was from Phil Rowley's site, and it looks essentially like a sparse woolley bugger. I did see one picture I really liked, and that was of a balanced leech - damselfly nymph. But, it was only one picture, and no real instructions for tying. If you've got a pattern -- especially with some step-by-step, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share! QT
  10. That's fantastic. Suddenly, I don't feel like so much of a die-hard! QT
  11. There's a small rink cleared off in the little bay, as well. I have other pictures, but these two pretty much covered most everything. QT
  12. Cancel that: I've been invited to go flying with a friend at a local airport. Will try to take some pictures. QT
  13. If anyone is interested in carpooling down to the Red Deer River tomorrow, pls let me know. QT
  14. Thanks for the tips, everyone. It was a great trip, though a bit unsuccessful, as far as Golden Trout go. Here's one of the reasons....take a look at the wind... But..I did catch my first cutthrout we plan on going again next summer. QT
  15. I have an amazing wife....really, I do. She has just booked us for the Anchor-B fly fishing school/retreat this coming August. Though I'm sure it will be fantastic, I'm hoping someone here has been there before, and may be able to give some insight into what it will be like. We've never been to a fishing lodge, nor have we had a guide before. So, we're a bit unsure of the expectations we should have of them, or that they'll have of us. If you've got insights for us, please share here, or by PM. QT
  16. That was a fantastic presentation. It was particularly interesting to get a clear picture of the real causes for the state, and the likely future state of these rivers. Dr Sullivan is certainly highly qualified to bring us this message, and did so with great competence. Now, what are we doing, or what can we do to make a difference? Is there a message we can promote? Is there an issue to lobby? QT
  17. Quentin


    Great...there goes another $20 of my allowance! QT
  18. Well, that makes sense. Poor workers often can't afford nice tools. QT
  19. Not a virgin for Rockie Mountain White Fish....... LOL, Dan, you could'a been a bit more specific! Give me a day or two, and I'll get some pictures sorted out. I need to get some webspace ready, etc. What a great day to be out, though. The temperature was good, the water was clear. John and Dan are fantastic fellows, and funny as hell to fish with. And, a couple fish on top of all that is all a fellow could ask for. Oh, and the obligatory nap on the way home QT
  20. Thanks. Will nymphing be the method of choice at this time of year? QT
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