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  1. I have the week of 22-29 July off...but both weekends have previous commitments.


    Other than that, almost any weekend this summer would work. Dan, I wonder if there's a boat out there you could rent or borrow?


    As for how I got the boat.....It's a secret recipe of puppy dog eyes, whining, flattery, surprise gifts, and extra household chores. I'm sure there's another secret ingredient too....but I wouldn't dare tell.



  2. I've got a pontoon boat now....wow, did I ever have to spend a lot of marital brownie points on that one!...... but, a float trip down the Red Deer River is a bit of a problem on one's own. I can't use the truck to drop me off, and pick me up too...



    Is anyone interested in getting a small group together for an all-day, or two-day (overnight camping) trip down the Red Deer River this summer? I think it would be a blast.


    If we get a few together, I'll start building a plan....




  3. At Muir, the fishing was great on Saturday night, with quite a hatch coming off after sunset. I went out again last night, and the fishing was a bit off; only stocker seemed to be caught by anyone at all. There was a bit of a hatch around 730, but it didn't last long enough for my fishing parterner to get ready and onto the water.


    I did notice lots of floaties, including dead snails, into the middle of the lake.



  4. There are lots and lots of fish in Muir Lake, as of last Saturday. There's also easy boat access, and parking.


    Read the signs before you fish, as there's a bait ban and a size restriction to pay attention to.



  5. I won't be able to go to the Muir Lake cleanup; I have been told that I have a new priority for that day.



    I was there last night though, and at 8pm when I drove into the parking lot, there were already 14 vehicles there. The ice was 80% gone, and the fish were rising with faire regularity.



  6. We have 5 high schools here in the program and myself and a few others lend a hand with fly tying and casting at the end of each year the 5 schools compete everybody wins, there are no losers


    Where is "here"?


    I'd like to hear more of your program.



  7. If the club is looking to add a few members, I've got a relatively cheap advertsising option.


    How often have you sat in a waiting area, with the only reading material around being of the decidedly domestic type: ie, chataleine, good housekeeping, or some other such stuff?


    My suggestion is to have some cheap stickers made with the club emblem and website, stick them to the front of fly-fishing / fly-tying magazines that are donated by members, and leave them in doctors' office, dealership waiting areas, barber shop, etc.




  8. I agree with the locking of the thread. The conversation had run it's course.


    Creating angst and argument is certainly not the healthiest way to promote longterm participation. Let's instead put our posting energies into the very types of topics you wanted to see more of.




  9. Personally, I don't think fish are nearly as sensitive to regional patterns as we are. I'm happy to see any good fly-tying. Now, that doesn't mean I'll be able to emulate it, but I can certainly admire them.



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  10. Somebody mentioned the other day that they were keeping their eyes on the waterflow data for a few spots west of Red Deer -- specifically, Stauffer Creek.


    Can anyone tell me where they find that data?



  11. Hey wolf,


    I'm not positive, but I think you may need to add an option for your poll. I can only see the options "against" and "shy". I couldn't vote for "for."


    As for me, I voted "shy". I enjoy tying, but don't have a lot of time for it (career, family, fishing...etc). I'd likely participate, as long as the intent was for fun and for self-motivation to tie. The expectations would need to be fairly low.


    Oh...and how to exchange?



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