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  1. Heather and I are making arrangements for this. Looks like we'll have to bring both children, which means she'll be stuck parenting, and I'll be stuck fishing on my own.


    Now...I need to call Rolf and book my site. I can't remember which I ended up with last time...




  2. Paul,


    It was my first float, and my only pontoon experience has been Muir and Star lakes for 5 or so outings. It was really easy to "master the river" with the pontoon boat. On our float, there was only one small, 10m portion which made me look twice, but it was easy enough to stay out of the rough part by pumping the oars a bit. Now...it takes a bit of paying attention to ensure you stop fishing in enough time to put your road away, pick up the oars, and avoid sweepers, etc. I almost broke a rod by being greedy with one-more-cast-itis... but I didn't break anything.


    The float from the damn to RR 20 took us 6-7 hours, but we stopped A LOT, and fished the banks quite a bit. We could have run the gauntlet and only fished to risers, and would have been done in around 3 hours.



    I HIGHLY recommend taking your pontoon boat on that float trip. It was wicked fun, and a fantastic way to pass a day. When shall we go?



  3. Yeah, it was wonderful. What a way to fish a river!!! I'm quite excited to plan more floats. Now...I have to come up with a second pontoon boat for the Mrs.... oh, and a babysitter :P


    Gary and Jim, it was a fantastic day. Thank you both for your help all day.


    Did anyone else know you could get three full pontoon boats, and three full grown men into one mini-van???




  4. Gary...tried to message you as well. Says you can't receive messages. Is the messanger broken? Have I been banned?


    Anyway...here's what I'm thinking for timings. Tell me if they're too early.


    I don't think I'll be overnighting the night before, and I can't get away with it Saturday night (daughter's B-day party on Sunday).

    Is 0630 too early to be floating away? That means we'd have to drop off the boats at 0600, drive a vehicle to the pick up point, and then return. Which means I'd have to leave St. Albert about 0330...


  5. Hey Jim,


    Seems you can't receive any new messages. We need to coordinate a morning timing, and vehicle placement. I'd like to get a really early start, which means even real earlier to drop a vehicle down river, and then come back upstream to get started.


    Clean up your message box, and I'll send you my cell number to coord the details.



  6. . Your other ideas are really exciting, refreshments, fly swap, lies.....


    David Parker




    Lies?!!? I don't think I heard a single lie on the last trip. Then again, may have had something to do with the rum..... Oh...maybe I was the one telling them? :P



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