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  1. Either way...>TH, or at Hwy 20. You still have my cell number? As Michael will be driving with me, he can talk on it all legal-like. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. The Fishin Hole is getting rid of the Flights, so I picked up a new 4 wt today it is amazing what the Mrs. will let you buy moments after you took her shopping for a new dress and shoes QT
  2. If sunrise is 715, then first light should be around 630, or so. I'd like to be out the door NLT 4:30....but, I can be flexible if need be. Jim, if you're going to be "living in a van, down by the river" then perhaps you'd like to meet at Hwy 20 (where we took out last time), so we can leave a vehicle right there, instead of back-tracking. Kristi, I'm envious of the Bow... QT
  3. I'm still hoping to get to the river earlier than later. Are you two able to meet at my house early in the morning to pack the truck, or might you prefer to do it the night before? Jim, did you change your mind about going down alone? Did you want to join Michael and I in the Tacoma? QT
  4. Dunno. I figured we'd start by the dam, again, as I think I remember Gary saying the Browns should be starting to move that way anytime now. I wouldn't mind doing that bottom part again, but I think we'd need to be A LOT faster! QT
  5. You've been in my truck before; so you know it is small. I'm sure we could work something out though. QT
  6. It's time to start finalizing the coordination of the 22nd float. As near as I can tell, we have; Quentin Jim Michael Michael (Gary's son) Gary I assume, Michael, that you'd like to travel down with me, to bring your pontoon in my truck. If so, that pretty much fills my truck for boats. Jim, what's your plan? Do you intend to travel on your own, or should we try to arrange for three boats on my truck? Maybe join Gary? Gary, are you and Kristi heading down together? As for timings, I like early. I'm wondering if 5 is too much to float all at once, and maybe we should stagger? We may end up with more joining us, as well. Any ideas? Do we want to get a bit more complicated for shuttling, and have us float different sections, but coordinate vehicles? QT
  7. What items...how much? As I can't join you, I'll have to send money. QT
  8. Heather and I were fortunate enough to attend Jim McLennan's flyfishing school at the Anchor B Ranch, on the Oldman River. Was a great weekend, and we learned a lot. Jim is such a great fella; really easy going, and teaches with an easy presence. Both of his helper guides were great as well. Here's Heather and the Oldman River: Ain't she pretty??? Here's a pic of Jim. Believe it or not, this was his first cast, when teaching us about swinging a wet fly through a run. First catch!! QT
  9. Hey Dan...Happy birthday, young feller. QT
  10. It was a great weekend. Doug and I had some success. Sorry Doug, but you're the star of this camera roll. To not embarass you with excess fame, I'll just share the one pic. The rest of the weekend was pretty family-oriented for me...except the drinking and storytelling on Saturday night. Dan and Irene taught Charlie the time-honoured tradition of doing the dishes....the paper dishes, when camping near a fire. He was well occupied! Of course, when you go camping with a 4 year old, often it is all about her.... Here's my precious, at bedtime on Saturday night. QT
  11. Here's a couple pics. This is Dismal Creek. John M. helped Heather, Charlie, and I. I owe you a thanks for that day, John, it was fantastic. Here are the pics of when you crossed the river. For the record, I have no pics of him crossing, because I put my camera away and stood down-river...just in case. QT
  12. Had a chance to take a few pictures. I'm surprised I've gotten these online so quickly...it's the first set complete this summer! Was a great trip. I love that river; there are just so many wonderful "fishy" spots. I think it took us 7.5 hours to make the float because of that. I wouldn't mind exploring some more parts... This mayfly is the one we saw the most of. Forgive the poor focus; I was using a macro lens at about 8 inches, and the boat kept moving. He was about size 18ish, and yellow. Next up, we have some very pretty deer. I saw them a ways off, and got my camera out, and didn't move. It's amazing how close they will let you get. It's another good reason to float a river... Wondered where the river got it's name.. Next up, we have a few pictures of Trent. Finally, here's the problem, Gary. I was taking pictures, when Ken hooked a big one. I told him to smile for a shot. Then, I worked my way out of the water to get close enough to get a good shot of the fish, but Ken lost him. Personally, I don't think this photo is proof enough.... I'll let you all be the judge whether we count it. All in all...great day. Good company, good river, good Whitefish. QT
  13. Was nothing wrong with Ken's hat, of course. Must have been the 'cold front.' But, off they were. The gear guys were complaining as well. At the end of the day, one guy talked about 20 browns two weeks ago, 12 last week, and not a single one caught within a mile of the boat launch on Sunday. I need to do a couple of hours of work at the computer to get photos ready to upload. There is one of a very large brown that Ken lost at the net. We're not letting him count it, because the rest of us had no success. QT
  14. We floated the damn to Hwy 20. The fish were just simply "down" all day. I'm wondering if it was the moon, the rain yesterday, the drop in termperature, and the funny way Ken wore his hat. Dunno.... QT
  15. LOL...well then, it DEFINATELY isn't too late. QT
  16. This weekend? Of course it isn't too late. My friend Kevin may not be able to go. He was going to borrow a boat, but appearantly, it has a rip. QT
  17. Can I get away with: Elk Hair Caddis with black or green/black bodies for the caddis adults? What's a good pattern for a caddis nymph? I'm searching my references for good options for the mayflies. Will standard pheasant tail nymphs work for these? And...if they're taking them at/near the surface, shall I fish them unweighted? I ask all of this, but I know I'll be lucky to steal enough time to tie even a dozen flies before the trip. QT
  18. Any good advice on which flies to have ready for the Red Deer River in early Sept? QT
  19. Gary, Michael, and Jim are all unavailable for this Sunday. Kevin and I are still looking for a third person (makes shuttling vehicles much easier if you can leave someone to guard the boats). I have a sit on top kayak, as well, if someone wants to try that. Dan.....Ken.....? Anyone? Beuller.....? Beuller....? QT
  20. I have another friend that wants to float the Red Deer, as well. But....6 people on the river at once seems a bit crowded, to me. So...here's what I'm thinking: Let's do two trips. My friend and I are going to go down on Sunday (80% sure) 2 Sept. It'll be a dawn - late afternoon trip, home by suppertime-ish. If one or two of you would like to join that, it'd be great. That'd be: Quentin Kevin (not likely) Ken Ken's friend Let's also do this second trip: 22 Sept Quentin Gary Gary's son? Michael Jim Kristi QT
  21. Ok...22nd. That makes 5.... Gary Son Michael Jim Quentin. If Gary and I bring our trucks, and Jim brings his van, we should be able to easily shuttle back up to get the vehicles. QT
  22. It'd have to be a Saturday for me. Sept 8, 15, or 22....? QT
  23. I had an absolute blast on the float trip we did last month. Is anyone interested in getting together for another trip? Perhaps a weekend in Sept? QT
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