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    Welcome Hopper

    Hello Hopper just wanted to express a welcome to you. Please feel free to participate at will on our great forum. I hope that you might in one of your first posts let us know a little about yourselve. Like what you fish for, where you fish (optional) why you fish are you a flytyer. It would be great to know.
  2. Stauffer (North Raven), the Bow River and the Oldman are open to fishing. Check your regulations as there is plenty of closed water to angling right now. Weather doesnt look great but not bad either down south. There are a few lakes open down at Pincher Creek. Beavermines is open but not sure about some of the others in the hood. Check with Vic Bergman at Crowsnest Anglers or TerryH here on the board. Terry is from that neck of the woods. Good luck, I am only saying that because I cant get away this weekend. Otherwise it would be a dollar for the first, biggest and most…lol.
  3. We are well over the half way mark on the time line to have these flies submitted. How is everyone coming along? Please report in as we are on the wind down to the end of this month. If anyone need help or material please speak up so that we can help you out.
  4. Well maybe I should. There is lots of room for improvement. Last time I went to a beginners course it was due to more of an interest in how that individual taught the course as opposed to what I would learn about tying flies. Well to my surprise I learned plenty on both fronts. How to teach and communicate better as an instructor and I picked up several good pointers on tying as well. On another forum I have someone (several people) cirtiquing my flies that are entered into a Fly of the Month contest. And these guys and gals are very helpful on making me a better tier in many ways. It is cool to learn and see how others address different techniques. Thats is something I can appreciate. I dont like it when I post a fly and everyone tells me it is beautiful, especially when I know better. To me it almost comes across as patronizing especially if they are a quality tier and that doesnt improve my skills. But some people just dont know better and thats OK.
  5. My bad, but like someone said my business doesn't allow me to get to to many meetings, and newsletters I dont see because I bypass the front page. Bad habit or just getting down to the real stuff. But good idea about posting it in the Up Coming Events.....it just all about communication at different intersect points. I would even like things sent to me by email, because then I get it direct to my hip any where in the world that I might be travelling for work.
  6. I seen him in Barcelona. Oh sorry that was Picasso.
  7. Q yes I do. That probably why I missed this. I by pass all the stuff a go straight in the forum. I would think most people d or am I just the only one.
  8. You dont filter Sctoch, it has already been done. Unless you buy the cheap junk. Then you might have to or better spruce it up with Drambuie.
  9. Garhan

    New To Alberta

    Welcome Charley. I hope your visit to this forum and possibly to the club meetings will be a great experience. If you have any questions on flyfishing Alberta. Please post them with us and I am sure people will share there thoughts and experiences with you.
  10. Why didnt I hear about this? To bad I probably would have gone to this.
  11. Still, I gather even with the main web page link, people dont get it. When we do renewals, do we not copulate an email list from that every year. Seems to me that that would be easier and probably current. My main concern is that all your effort for the most part is in vain and this news letter simply isnt getting out to enough members via the forum.
  12. Can this be emailed to everyone as well. I understand many members do not go on the forum, so I would suspect that they dont get a copy unless it is mailed or emailed. Especially for those who are not computer literate.
  13. Most popular lline sizes seem to be 3,4 and 5 weights for both river and lake style competition. There is also the need for a 7wt from time to time.
  14. http://www.fishinglessons.co.uk/blog/2011/01/hanak-4in1-fly-rod-review-2/#comments Now were can I get a blank like this so that I can build my own. I like the treacbage effect and have used it in the past. Great rod with great ideas.
  15. Garhan

    Welcome Ssyd.

    Hello ssyd. Welcome to the Northern Lights Flytying Forum. We hope that you might tell us a little bit about yourself. What you fish, what you tie, where you fish (optional) and maybe how you can to know about us here at the forum. Enjoy your time here as there are some great people here. And feel free to ask questions and share your experiences with our members.
  16. Please toe tag all flies that are being submitted with the Name of the fly and the Tier. Thank you. It will make life easier when it comes to mounting them in the shadow box.
  17. Another form of communication is to address this on everyones email that is listed by the club. Most people but not all will have email. So thats another medium to send a message. I get them frequently from other website presidents to keep members informed, let alone putting it on Facebook or on their forum.
  18. I am going to this for sure.
  19. Advise to Jim as the presenter. The floor is your when you do a presentation. Next time this happens just stop completely dead in the middle of the presentation or better in a sentance. And just kindly look towards the disruption until it stops. It doesn't matter how long this may take. This allows them to have the floor so that they are able to share there conversation with everyone else. And dont look away until they are finished and looking back towards you. Do not engage until there attention is back on the presentation or until someone else has asked them kindly to take it outside. This is a presentation skill don't forget, it allows you to control the floor and is not to be confrontational. It is simply waiting until the floor is given back to you by the people that are taking advantage of the floor. I also feel that it is the responsibility of all other executive present to curb this kind of behaviour when a presentation is on going. By doing nothing, you actually enable and encourage the poor manners, therefore making you a part of the problem and not the solution. After all you were voted in to lead this group or volunteered to lead a position. So take charge and lead. Just saying....
  20. Touche, Barry your absolutely right. many of us do not realize what kind of preparation it takes to pull off a presentation regardless of the audience. It can be hours if not days of prep time.Your also right about stepping up at short notice as this alone can be alarming because of the lack of preparedness within your own heart knowing that you have to pull something off the top of your head. Good on the person that stepped up, it is a special kind of courage. It can be very unsettling, especially if you are new at doing something like this. I would agree that manners and respect of both the presenter and others around you in the audience that really do want, and have an interest in observing what is going on would truly appreciate the audience to be able to stay focused. It can be disheartening when this type of behaviour is present. Thanks for speaking up, I agree with you one hundred percent.
  21. Garhan


    Learning Knots. Try this site. http://www.netknots.com/
  22. Pikeslayer and Snowolf and two guys from Calgary that you would not know.
  23. Go figure, those Swiss are breaking all the rules and setting trends again…..lol.
  24. Unfortunately that wont happen either. If it was up to me, we would have all east slope watersheds (rivers) as catch and release and if you want to eat fish catch one out of the many stocked lakes we pay for. That is my true feelings on this subject
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