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  1. You certainly don't need waders of any kind in this heat. Dry Pants are a great thing, dry underwear are even better. Yes they make them out of the same material. No waders for me from July 1 to the first week of September most years on our local Alberta watersheds. Unless I will be deep wading most of the day, somethings can only stay wet for so long . Wading Boots, Neoprene socks and dry pants. Besides I am in and out of the water all day. Half dry and have wet….lol.
  2. Thanks Snowolf. If you could get ahold of gerry or Catlin. They will put you on a list of volunteers. You can volunteer as many full days or part days that you are able. There are many positions available from sector judges to controllers. They all come with a crash course on what you would need to do.Any amount of time is welcomed. Some positions with volunteering as much as 4 or 5 days come with a Closing Ceremoney ticket to the dinner. The dinner and entertainment by Jim McLeland is well worth the extra effort. People can also purchase a ticket to the dinner and silent auction for 60.00. This barely covers off the cost of the dinner and entertainment.
  3. Gerry Thompson and Caitlin Gifford, Co-chairs of 11th Annual FFC & Conservation Symposium, would like to share with you some exciting news about the upcoming National Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium scheduled for Sept. 23-27, 2013 in Calgary Alberta. Competition, conservation, as well as Youth engagement are the three priorities for the week-long event. In addition, we want to showcase the Alberta Blue Ribbon Rivers and streams. A one-time only chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada has formed to facilitate the hosting of the event. We are working with a host committee of approximately 20 volunteers from across the community - the Calgary Hook and Hackle Club, Calgary Women Fly Fishers, Bow River Shuttles, the Bow River Chapter of TUC, Trout Unlimited Canada, Bird Marketing Group, Country Pleasures Fly Shop, Fish Tales Fly Shop, the Fishin Hole, and Fly Fishing Canada. The preliminary work has been done-secure the various provincial permits and licenses, secure a host hotel, assemble an organizing committee, sketch out a schedule of events and fund raising campaign.Now the next phase of, "spreading the word" and bringing on board more volunteers, donors and competitors is about to be launched - we need your help. Please spread the word and contact us if you can or want to be involved in support of the event. Gerry Thompson and Caitlin GiffordCo-chairs,11th Annual FFC & Conservation SymposiumHost Committee - NFFC 2013 (CFE License #0224)Email Contact: Gerry Thompson or Caitlin Gifford Host City Announced For the 2013 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships & Conservation SymposiumFly Fishing Canada and the NFFC Host Committee for 2013 are pleased to announce that Calgary, Alberta has been selected as the host city for the 11th Annual Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium, September 23rd to 27th, 2013The event involves bank-side fishing on the Bow River and loch-style boat fishing at still water location(s). This is a catch and release event that culminates in the awarding of team and individual Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and trophies.Participant RegistrationTo register as a team of five or as an individual, go to the Fly Fishing Canada website .Space is limited to the first 15 teams so register early. Ten teams have already registered. There are no women only or co-ed teams yet!Cost: $300 per person due at time of registration. Host Hotel & Special Room RatesCarriage House Inn9030 Macleod Trail South, Calgary 1-800-661-9566 or 403-253-1101. The Carriage House Inn will be the headquarters of the event and all activities will be held here. Departures for the venues on competition day will originate from the parking lot. A block of rooms has been reserved (National Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium) and will be held until Thursday August 8, 2013. Call 1-800-661-9566 or 403-253-1101 and mention our event to get the special room rate. Reservation requests received after the cutoff date will be quoted the rate of the day and the room types available. These rates are also available 3 days prior and post the event in case any competitors/guests want to arrive early or stay on after the event concludes. Deluxe Guestrooms $139.00 - oversize double or queen bed or two over-sized double or queen beds and feature flat-screen TVs, On-Demand movies, mini-fridge and large walk-in showers VIP Guestrooms $159.00 Executive Kings $189.00Suites $259.00Guestroom Rates include Hot Breakfast for 2 Subsidized Taxi Fair to and from the Airport is provided by the Carriage House Inn.Volunteers needed...We need volunteers to carry out the duties of: Sector Judges, controllers (you help measure and score a competitor's catch, using a fish trough to minimize handling of the fish), drivers to shuttle competitors to and from the fishing beats, canvassers to collect items for the silent auction, volunteers to assist with youth activities throughout the week and general help with setting up for the evening events and the pre and post competition preparations.You can volunteer one of two ways - go to the Fly Fishing Canada website http://www.flyfishingcanada.net or contact the local coordinator, Kyle Canning at 403-939-4104 or emailConservation Project and Event Operations - Donors/Supporters NeededThe host committee is in the early stages of implementing a fund raising campaign to solicit enough financial support (cash or in-kind) to cover the event operating costs plus make a substantial donation to the Mallard Point restoration project sponsored by the Bow River Chapter of TU. For details of the project, connect to this link.. Harry Harker, Chair of the Fundraising team can also be reached via email. Details of the Schedule of events for the week will be released in the next few weeks. For more information: Contact: Chris Bird, Communications ChairP: 888-435-9624Thank you for your support of Trout Unlimited Canada Trout Unilimited Canada Philip RowleyManager Marketing and Communications 780-464-5499 prowley@tucanada.org
  4. Here is another great new product. I sure can change up your retrieves and your ability to keep up with charging fish. This would be a good product for both new and seasoned flyfisherman.
  5. This is great stuff. I am hoping to try this out next year when they become available. http://www.ginkandgasoline.com/fly-fishing/echo-shadow-2-fly-rod-fiberglass-series/
  6. II came across this on another site. I thought that this is a very useful tool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RAanTC52IU&feature=player_embedded
  7. I would agree that many of the invertebrates are reshuffled. Those further up stream are now further down stream and so on. The Bow might just end up being a little more on the vertebrate feeding side of things for the summer. I was looking for Stoneflies on the Bow and didn't see any. This should be the next super hatch in the coming weeks. But I am sure they are there in droves, just no sign off them yet. Raven and Stauffer are very fishable and we last night was good fishing on both. The Red Deer at Range Road 20 has had the road rebuilt. The boat launch is gone so I doubt anyone will be able to launch a trailered boat of any kind or pick up a trailered boat at this location. Pontoons will be OK as long as you dont miss the tiny channel that is there. The big bend above upstream from RR20 is wider and has eroded the bank away significantly. River is still high with 12 inches of visibility. Enough to drift and dryfly fish the banks with Brown Drakes.
  8. Use this the night before you go out or the morning you go out. http://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/ab-29_metric_e.html Glue it to your desktop.
  9. Florin, your comments on the happy salad beds holds lots of water. Although with the ever presence of high nutrient outflow from the waste systems in and around the Bow. I feel confident that those weeds will be back by next year. As for fish loss, so far I am not hearing much out of any of the organizations here in Calgary. The common speculation is that most anglers on the Bow feel that a loss of the last 2 year stock has been wiped out. I am not sure about that, but I would think that there was a high percentage of loss. Personally during my walk I did not see or smell any dead fish. So I am not sure. I also spoke to some people about the fish rescues that went on down here. There were some fish trapped in some areas that were rescued. But the people involved felt that there was surprisingly few fish trapped and captured for release. Maybe that is a good sign, maybe not. What I do see is less Rock Snot Algae at this time. It was building up over the last couple of years in some areas. That might be good. But likely spread it further downstream. Another couple of weeks and there will be good fishing in the southern part of the province I am sure. Central Alberta is fishing good now even with higher water flows. I will be checking out the Red Deer, Raven and Stauffer Creeks today. The Brown Drakes are coming off a few of theres rivers right now and I am going to go get me a fish.
  10. After taking a walk along the Bow River today past my usual beats. I think I will like the new water that has been created. Many of the locations are deeper, wider, less debris, scoured clean of weedbeds. The confluences of some of the feeder creeks like the Fish Creek in my opinion is now a better deeper and more turbulent piece of water with some deep and larger holding water. She is a whole new river.
  11. Both have there advantages and disadvantages. It isn't simply just picking one out and go fishing. Price point is a big determining factor. If that is not an issue then go for one of each. But if you need or can only go with one or the other. Then you have several things to consider.Having owned both and enjoyed both as I get older and although I need the excercise. For myself and because of what I enjoy fishing. I find myself in a pontoon boat more often than not. Granted they are not as portable as a float tube or a U Tube. On the other hand I would never run tubes of any kind on a river. Thats just asking for trouble, even though I have seen it done .Walking a pontoon boat into a high mountain lake, or several hundred meters or into secluded river valleys is impossible. Here a tube is better. On the pontoon it can be run with oars, flippers or and electric motor. There is more storage space and it is nice to sit in a reasonably comfortable chair for the day. Sitting higher off the water also has some advantages in spot fishing, casting and manipulating rougher water in lake or rivers to a limit. Just some basic thoughts as I fish a variety of different waters and truly enjoy the pontoon on rivers in Alberta and B.C..
  12. Terry thanks for sharing. That is just a mind blower. Just crazy.
  13. http://aesrd.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/advisory-backcountry-travel-not-recommended-for-areas-south-of-the-red-deer-river-to-waterton/
  14. Garhan


    Hmmmm, you would thik be loud be proud and if the guy next to you wants the same discount because you are a card carrying NLFT member....well,sell him a membership.
  15. Nothing like manufacturing your own hatch….haha.
  16. The migration was late this year. But they finally made it and stopped by for a rest until they can go another few thousand miles. The front ones (lead midges) are pretty sassy looking and that was probably why they rested.
  17. https://www.facebook.com/groups/478722868855414/ Just thought everyone should know about this, in case your interested in attending the next comp at one of our local lakes. Makes a great learning curve and good mentors.
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