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  1. https://www.facebook.com/calgaryboatandsportsmensshows/photos/a.409268289160816.102484.161954043892243/1536107629810204/?type=3&theater&ifg=1
  2. Great meeting and was very information. Thanks Kevin for the show.
  3. Looks like your getting settled in and that nice to see. Good luck and have fun on your new adventures.
  4. Host a kids only fishing event. Supply them bobbers rods, line, bait (mixed flour and water with cheese, either Velveta or Cheese whiz for bait balls) and hooks. Possibly one of the major fishing stores would assist by supplying products that have there name all over it and reuse this product everytime you need to do a survey. Make it fun and at the same time teach them fish handling before the are exposed to recognized sportfish in Alberta.
  5. Take your pick. Lake Flies. I have a lot more patterns that I have not disclosed for lake patterns. Let me know if your interested. As for the other categories there are many other patterns that we use on rivers, creeks and we are able to disclose all our competition flies now as the time line for exclosures has expired for Team Canada.
  6. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/european-nymphing-presentation-tickets-31662536499
  7. Going for it... http://www.erlebniswelt-fliegenfischen.de/index.php/en/2017-open-german-fly-tying-championship http://www.flyfish-slovenia.com/e107_plugins/content/content.php?content.55 I would encourage any of the fly tiers here to join this fly tying competition. It is a very highly ranked competition in Europe. Judges are from Germany, Austria, Italy and the USA. These are very skilled judges that have been using Hans van Klinkens competition formula to have a fair form of judging criteria. The other one to consider is the Slovenian Open that has been running for 30 years. It is also highly recognized as a outstanding competition mostly because there are many very highly skilled tiers that participate from around the world in the Slovenian Open and as is true for the EWF in Germany. I If you do well many fly tiers from around the world will seek you out to discuss fly tying and this is an open door to learn from the best in the world with a personal connection to them.
  8. These types of awards mean nothing to people in our neck of the woods. But in Europe it is a huge deal to finish well in a competition. It give the tier a acid test on where he is in there flytying and is a huge deal in Europe to be qualified and recognized by your peers and judges. We will see if we can do better next year. It also had my Facebook page go crazy with invites to new friends that are extremely accomplished fly tiers that also competed in this competition. This competition is the second longest running competition in Europe. It is recognized by tiers from all around the world as being a superb venue. I was very grateful to make all these new friend in flytying as it opened up a world of new resources and fly tiers that I can converse with directly via Skype or messenger and talk about interesting procedures and techniques. The real rewards are the people you get to meet through competition not the medals. And then there is always something else that comes along and is a surprise as well. I was told it is the first Gold Medal offered into Canada, not sure if that is true. But the German EWF show is one of the largest shows in all of Europe that is strictly a flyfishing show. Many of Europes best tiers show up here at there tiers row. It is both a privaledge and an honor to be able to sit at that table. Maybe one day I will be able to dine there with them.....my dream and wishful thinking.
  9. Hi all, here is a few photos from Bosnia 2015 summer and a few other photos I took along the way..from the last 4 years. http://s18.photobucket.com/user/Garhan/story
  10. Thank you. The great thing about all of this is that I have a new friend that thinks very much like me on many subjects. We took the words out of each others mouths over the week on many occasions. It has been a great experience and has opened countless doors by helping and volunteering to do things such as this. Our paths have now become entwined and a great mutual respect was developed. Our plans together has us crossing paths often and in many ways. I look forward to the many things Hans and I discussed in our future. Thank you to everyone for attending and enjoying the evening with a good soul and fisherman.
  11. An excellent dryfly. splitwing_dun 2015 dressing.pdf
  12. An excellent deep water nymph ugly bug 2015.pdf
  13. A great pattern. away2013.pdf
  14. klink2015 Canada dressing.pdf Klinkhammer 2015 Canada
  15. Hans Van Klinken will be doing a presentation tonight in Edmonton. Contact an executive member to find out the details.
  16. I have come across them on the NSR in various locations. The Science Park, Outlet below Whitemud Bridge on the North Bank. Whitemud Creek, Riverbend. The Beaver River at Cold Lake, Amisk Lake.
  17. To learn is the only real answer. If you are not learning, your not getting better. Read books, watch videos, attend workshops and classes, surround yourself with people that are better than yourself. Get in shape to be able to enjoy your sport. https://vimeo.com/103445412
  18. <<<A GREAT OPPORTUNITY COMING OUR WAY SOON>>> ACT NOW ! FLY FISHING CANADApresents a class on ADVANCED RIVER FISHINGwith MARTIN DROZ World vice-champion, 2013World Champion, 2008World bronze medalist, 2006 9 am – 5 pmTHURSDAY, MAY 8, 2014Bow River, CalgaryMeet at 9:00 am at Fish Creek Park in South Calgary on the Bow River Spend a day with one of the world’s most accomplished fly-fishermen. Learn about the equipment, techniques and tactics used at the highest level fly fishing competitions. Practice and get personal advice from Martin. Participants responsible for all their own gear (including flies), and would be bringing their own lunch and water. Limited to 10 persons $ 200 CAD per person Registration on a first come first serve principle. Priority will be given to Canadian anglers. To register: (1) send an e-mail to ffc.clinics2014@gmail.com, and (2) follow that with a cheque payable to “Fly Fishing Canada” mailed to Ivo Balinov, 1220-195 Clearview Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Z6S1 To uphold your registration your cheque should be received within two weeks of the date you send your registration e-mail. DEPENDING ON LEVEL OF INTEREST A SECOND CLINIC MAY BE CONDUCTED ON MAY 9.
  19. SAFFL is doing very well Rick. Thanks for asking. Lots of dialogue and interest from many people. It tells me there is a real need for this type of gathering and that people want to learn as much as possible and are willing to share their ideas, techniques, flies, thoughts, knowledge and genuinely care about others. Especially when it comes to culturing the youth into this great sport and to mentor them to a competition level. Really quite nice. This whole thing has been a very positive experience for myself and many others. I am just glad that we now have a singular place to meet and talk openly without judgement from others. We are still two months away from our first comp and 13 people have shown interest. At this rate we will have a full house before the competition..
  20. Sharing techniques, ideas and philosophies on the how to catch Lakers or any trout is a good thing. Not because you take that to Rock Lake, but you can take that to any lake with Lake trout in it in North America. It is this kind of information that helps all of us become better anglers. If you think that open general information on techniques and species behaviour leads to an encroachment on the water you fish. I think that is dead wrong. As for sharing information specifically to a body of water, I doubt is has any kind of a long term effect. Now if you have no self respect and you are using this forum as a source to find a hot spot where you can go and clean out a lake and get your fair share, then shame on you. I like many others on the site I will be looking for you on the water and will be taking pictures. I have no problem testifying that type of information about a thief to a judge. But if you go out and fish by legal means and you want to bring the whole family and extended family, go for it.
  21. http://www.flyfishingevents.com/fly-tying-competition.html This will tell you the story.
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