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  1. Has anyone here used a company called "Custom Girl Feathers"? I'm told they make feathers for women(and maybe men) to string up in their hair. Apparently they are real feathers that vary from 7 to 11 inches long and are ideal for hackles.
  2. Anyone on the forum planning a trip to the N. Ram this weerk?
  3. Hi Jim, I've never been up that way..what's the best way to go..from Highway 43 or from Edson? How are the roads?. Is there available firewood or do we bring our own? Is there an outhouse? I'll be coming up on Wednesday morning, where exactly will everyone be parked? That's all for now.
  4. Hey Jim,

    I've never fished the Berland or the Athabasca, so I've got questions.

    You mentioned the great floats, but I don't have a boat or pontoon, so how accessible are the two for walk and wade?

    Are there "facilities" at the campsite? How do you access the campsite?

    Google earth can't find the co-ordinates you sent...do you have any specific directions from Edson?

    I'm sure I'll think of other questions as I've wanted to fish that area for many years.

    Sorry to be a pain, thanks for your help.

  5. Jim, is that not the Aylmer PRA?
  6. Heading down on Tuesday for four days...looks like the weather is improving.
  7. Sure must have scared a few people off...there was nobody except a family of five and me Wednesday and Thursday. So as an add-on, I bought my pass today through Albertarelm. I noticed on the way down to the N. Ram that there was nobody camping along the North Fork road either.. On my way home I took the long way down the trunk road and saw no more than half a dozen boondockers alongside the road, except at the N. Ram/Trunk Road crossing, which was packed as usual. Met only two guys on the river, and they were both from Rocky.
  8. Just curious as to whether "Nice & Easy" is private land or comes under the crown land designation . I believe if it's the latter you need to buy some sort of camping pass, if I'm not mistaken.. Anyone know?
  9. Thanks for putting this up on the board. I had to miss it last wednesday due to prior commitments.
  10. Already booked it off with the "boss" Dave
  11. One last shot Thursday and Friday. I'm hitting up the Stauffer and Prairie on Thursday then heading to the N. Ram on Friday. Does anybody know of any campsites open around Caroline or Rocky. My usual spots have all closed .
  12. italk2u


    Bear was east of the bridge that crosses the river..i think its a log haul road
  13. italk2u


    N. Ram is low and clear, fishing was slow, only 5 the first day and 2 on Tuesday, but there was nobody on the river except me and a black bear aout 100 yards east of the bridge over the N. Ram.
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