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  1. Thanks for putting this up on the board. I had to miss it last wednesday due to prior commitments.
  2. Already booked it off with the "boss" Dave
  3. One last shot Thursday and Friday. I'm hitting up the Stauffer and Prairie on Thursday then heading to the N. Ram on Friday. Does anybody know of any campsites open around Caroline or Rocky. My usual spots have all closed .
  4. italk2u


    Bear was east of the bridge that crosses the river..i think its a log haul road
  5. italk2u


    N. Ram is low and clear, fishing was slow, only 5 the first day and 2 on Tuesday, but there was nobody on the river except me and a black bear aout 100 yards east of the bridge over the N. Ram.
  6. italk2u


    Thanks for the info, Fred.Passed on the N. Ram. Gave the Stauffer, Raven and Prairie a shot, a few brookies on the Prairie and that was it. I'm planning for the N. Ram Tuesday/Wednesday.
  7. italk2u


    Anybody planning a trip to nice & easy next week?
  8. Thanks for that. Hopefully the stable weather pattern will help improve things by Monday and all the weekenders will be back "working out of home".
  9. Hoping to head out to the N. Ram on Tuesday or Wednesday, but would like to take a shot at the Prairie near Strachan as well as Stauffer and the Raven. Anybody know how conditions are? Dave
  10. FYI folks, The North Fork Road has re-opened for anyone who wants to take a side trip to the N. Ram Dave
  11. Did anyone get out to the N.Ram this week? Looking for conditions. Hoping to get out Monday and Tuesday of next week.
  12. Count me in. Had a great time on my first one last year. Met some great people and learned a few things too. Jim, I'll try to remember to bring scotch instead of beer this time.LOL Dave
  13. and now no vehicles in Parks, provincial parks or recreational areas...confused as well aout the no parking on the side of roads or private property. Does this mean for instance, parking by the bridge on SR761 and walking on to the Stauffer is not allowed. What if I have permission to park on private property. I certainly don't disagree with the reasoning behind keeping parks etc closed to vehicle traffic, but i have never had to worry about keeping a social distance from someone on a stream or river. https://albertaparks.ca/albertaparksca/news-events/alberta-environment-and-par
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