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  1. Hey yo! Happy Birthday hopping itsa gooder for ya. =)

  2. I was planning on going fishing this week but not sure wear might be a good place to try . I've been hearing lots of mixed reports on lots of the pot hole trout lakes west of edmonton being winterkilled and don't know what to believe. So if anyone has any knowledge or suggestions it would be much appreciated. Cheers Steven
  3. i haven't seen anything posted yet for this weeks meeting, Just wondering what will be going on this week? Cheers Steven
  4. Steven


    I was just curious about if there were any opportunity’s that you could fish in the winter. I'm much to busy to go on any trips but thanks anyway. Cheers Steven
  5. Steven


    I know this sounds like a dumb question, but i heard that someone was fly fishing in the winter. I'm wondering if there are places with open water that people can fish? Cheers Steven
  6. Thanks for all the information and tips. From what people have been saying it sounds that it might be a good idea to get both an intermediate line and a faster sinking line. I was having lot's of trouble getting fish in lakes with my floating line last summer, so i think getting a sinking line or two could change that. Thanks again Steven
  7. i'm just wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on what type of sinking line that would work in the local lakes. i've only been fishing with a floating line, and don't have a sinking line yet. I keep hearing about people doing well with lines like intermediate lines. There are so many lines out there I don't know were to start, so if anyone has any suggestions or info it would be much appreciated. Thanks Steven
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