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  1. Took a trip to see the lake tonight. Bumped into Dragon Troller. Nice to meet you.

    The lake is approximately 700metres * 250-300metres. Depth unknown but a fellow out there mentioned 55 feet.

    Tonight being quite windy, I was surprised to see the lake was relatively calm.

    Threw a sinking line in with a #8 wooly on and got a hit on the first try. Nothing after that in 10-12 casts.

    This is a no-smoking lake. The methane smell is pretty rank.:marsh:


  2. Drive 1.6 km south from Onoway on range road 22 then east 0.6 km. You will then be at the south end of the lake. I don't know if this is the access point but it is the closest road to the lake I can find on my topos.

    Might check it out tonight.

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