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  1. Ya, dumb,bad habit. Maybe if I fish that lake I'll kick the habit..............permanently!! :lol:
  2. Took a trip to see the lake tonight. Bumped into Dragon Troller. Nice to meet you. The lake is approximately 700metres * 250-300metres. Depth unknown but a fellow out there mentioned 55 feet. Tonight being quite windy, I was surprised to see the lake was relatively calm. Threw a sinking line in with a #8 wooly on and got a hit on the first try. Nothing after that in 10-12 casts. This is a no-smoking lake. The methane smell is pretty rank.
  3. Drive 1.6 km south from Onoway on range road 22 then east 0.6 km. You will then be at the south end of the lake. I don't know if this is the access point but it is the closest road to the lake I can find on my topos. Might check it out tonight.
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